Manicure at home

I hope you all enjoyed the Home Facial last week..what next?

This week, I am planning to treat you with a complete manicure session tutorial.

A manicure is defined as a “cosmetic treatment for the finger nails and hands, performed at a professional beauty salon or at home”.

The perfect manicure consists of the following steps:

Cutting and Filing the nails, Treating Cuticles, Cleansing and nourishing, Polishing

You may need to get together a few essential items before starting the manicure. The main thing is a manicure kit.

The kit consists of the following items(L to R in the pic above)
A scraping tool for the nails, Cuticle Nipper, Nail clipper, Orange stick,Nail file/emery file, Soft brush
You get these items as a kit in any ladies shop or you may also buy individually and make a kit by yourself.
Other Ingredients: A large wide bowl, Towels, Antiseptic lotion(dettol/savlon), Moisturising Liquid soap, Cotton balls, Cuticle cream, Nourishing cream/moisturiser, Nail polish, Nail polish remover
Prepare your nails by removing traces of any nail polish. Wipe away the old polish with a cotton ball soaked with a good nail polish remover.
Step 1: 
If your nails are too long, cut them with a nail clipper and make it to the length of your choice. It is always advisable not to cut the nails too short and close to the flesh line. Do not try to shape your nails at this point using the clipper. The job can be well executed using the nail file.
File the nails to the required shape using a nail file or emery stick.
Step 2 : 
In a bowl of warm water, add about a capful of antiseptic liquid like Savlon/Dettol and 2 capfuls of a good moisturising liquid soap. You can also use any unused shampoo for this. Soak both hands till the wrists in this bowl for about 10 minutes. Then, using the soft brush, brush each hand. Take care to clean the gap between the fingers,underneath the nails etc.  Wash away the soap using warm water and gently pat dry.
Step 3 :
Apply cuticle cream on the nails generously and gently rub over the nails using the scrub tool(the flat side of it). Start from the outer edge of the nail and move inwards.  This ensures the removal of the top dead layer of the nails. Please do not overdo this step as it tends to scratch away the layers of nail and make it rough.  Now, using the orange stick, push in the cuticles gently. It is not advised to treat the cuticles harshly. Wipe off any excess cuticle cream using a towel.

Step 4 :
Apply a moisturising/nourishing cream/lotion on the hands and massage well.  You may massage up to your elbows or even full hands.  Dip a towel in hot water, wring well and wipe both the hands well.

Step 5 : 

Apply nail colour/polish of your choice. Repeat the colour coats as per requirement.

Let the polish dry well between each coat.  Finish with a clear gloss top coat. Let it dry properly.  At this point, you may opt for a French Manicure(tutorial coming soon!!) instead of a general nail polish.
Take a while and admire your hands..
Don’t they look pretty?
They will thank you for this treatment..After all hands are a very important part of us aren’t they?
Images Courtesy:Source 1,2,3

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