Cleopatra’s Beauty Secret

Milk has been associated with beauty from time immemorial. It is believed to have started from the time of Queen Cleopatra, who is said to have had regular milk and honey baths. This was considered as the secret of her youth and beauty.

What makes milk beneficial to the skin?
Milk in its natural form, contains Vitamin A and D and also Alpha Hydroxy Acids( in the form of Lactic Acid). The AHAs help in breaking down the dead skin cells and thereby making it easier to remove and renew. They also tend to seal in the moisture, which helps in keeping the skin dewy and fresh.  A milk bath is said to be most useful for people with dry skin. At the same time, we should understand that it could be the opposite for a lactose intolerant person and also for those with oily skin.
How to use milk for skin care?
In today’s economic scenario, having a luxurious milk bath daily like Cleopatra could be deemed as too much of indulgence and extravagance.  However, there are lots of skin care products available in the market with milk as the main ingredient. Bath milk powders, Milk sachets etc are some of them
You can also re create a milk bath at home.
Bath milk powder.
Take 3 or 4 teaspoons of milk powder and add it to the bath water/tub. Let it dissolve completely and your milk bath is ready.
Optionally add:
A few rose petals for a sensuous bath.
1 or 2 drops Lavender Essential Oil for a relaxing bath.
1/2 teaspoon Sandalwood powder for a soothing bath.
Easy Peasy Milk Cleanser
No time for a clean up before the party?
Apply raw milk on the face using your fingers in a gentle circular motion. Work it well into the skin. For those who cannot tolerate the smell of milk, you may add a pinch of sandalwood powder or a drop of honey.  But believe me, plain milk works so well.  Let it remain for not more than 5 to 7 minutes. Wipe with a wet cotton ball/tissue and don’t forget to notice the dirt that comes out. You may wash with cold water after this step.
The face will look fresh and glowing 🙂
This trick has worked wonders for my skin especially as an instant pick me up. Those with oily skin and lactose intolerance may not find it suitable.

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