For the Man in your life

My shopping in The Body Shop is most of the time with my hubby. We love picking up things for each other..And yes they do have quite an interesting range of products for men.

Hubby was a true and true Gillette person in the matter of shaving- the lathery foam and turbo razor were his all time favourites.

On our visit to TBS a few months back, I spotted some cool stuff at the mens section, esp shaving cream. But he was more interested in perfumes. After much convincing, finally he agreed to try a new shaving cream : For Men Maca Root Shaving Cream by The Body Shop

Even months after purchase, the cream lay in the shelf-untouched.My man continued his Gillette love affair. Finally a few days back, I again started my nagging.This time, I had a new excuse.He had to try the cream and I would want to write a review on my blog..ta da..It worked.  He used it and now is literally head over heels 🙂
Key Ingredients:
Lepidium Meyenil Root Extract, Alovera Gel, Brazil Nut Oil, Sesame Oil, Vitamin E + other ingredients
How to Use
Wet the face and apply the cream over the face with your fingers or shaving brush. Shave and wash the face in cold water.
Review(from my hubby)
The cream is very smooth and moisturising even while applying on the face. The shave was extremely smooth unlike other shaving creams/foams and the razor glided smoothly over the face. After shaving, the face was butter smooth and well moisturised without even a tinge of irritation. The best part he mentioned is that he never felt drying of his face after the shave, nor any razor irritation. A normal shave requires a soothing gel/lotion to subside the burning, but he never had to use any extra product after this.
Would he buy it again?
A big YES!!
Plus Factors
He says “Everything is a plus point in this product”.
Minus Factors
Now, this is my point of view. When we bought, it came in a wide mouthed tub(yeah the body butter type). So felt a bit down:-(
I was wondering what if it was in a tube?? Can’t suggest a plastic spatula to him..haha.  But….guess what, they have re designed the packaging. Now it comes in a tube..Yay!!!
Price : Rs 795 for 125 ml
Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥
UPDATE : Now the price of this product is reduced to Rs 595..

C’mon ladies, what are you waiting for?? Gift your man a pampering shave 🙂

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