Aroma Magic Turmeric Cleanser Review

A creamy, non foaming cleanser, which is off white in colour.
♣ Active Ingredients : Natural extracts of wild turmeric, Rose, Lemon peel, Oils of Jojoba, Sunflower and Grapeseed and pure essential oils of Geranium, Lemon and Vegetable waxes
♣ Claims : A 100% soap free natural cleanser enriched with essential oils and herbal extracts. Removes make up, dirt and grime naturally, while maintaining skin oil – moisture balance.
♣ Usage : Dampen skin, massage cleanser with little water onto the face in a circular motion. Wipe off with  wet cotton. Can be used morning and night.
♣ Review :
My skin is combination and very recently suffered a bout of un natural dryness, from which it recovered to a large extent. There were just two patches on my face which continued to be dry.  I have been using the product only at night for the past one week and find it to be living up to its claim of maintaining a balance of moisture on my face. The fragrance is very herbal- more of a clove fragrance. I found it effective in removing mild make up, but yet to try on heavy makeup. My face is neither oily nor dry and the two dry patches on my cheeks have considerably reduced. This is the first time I am using a totally non foaming cleanser. Make sure to dampen your face well and apply the cream. In that case, a little goes a long way. Packaging is a small wide mouth tub with an aluminium seal on top.
+ Provides excellent balance to the skin.
+ Consistency of the product is very creamy.
+ Removes mild make up.
– Disappointing packaging. First of all, it is a wide mouthed tub, which is quite a compromise on the hygiene part..sigh!! Looks like plastic spoons in my toiletries kit are to stay. Another thing which is un impressive is that in transit, a lot of product gets stuck to aluminium foil seal. So, when opening for the first time, a lot of product comes out. Either you need to put it back into the container or give all your family members a compulsory cleansing 🙂
Jokes apart, the product is excellent leaving the packaging part.
Price : INR 90 for 50 gms.
Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥ +.5
I would definitely buy it again especially for the summer as the moisture balance is too good. Wish they re-designed the packaging.
Have any of you tried this product. How did you find it? Do you love Aromatherapy products for skin care? Would love to hear from you 🙂

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