ELF Cream Liner in Coffee-For your eyes only!!

The last few days saw me buying and using two much hyped about gel/cream liners. This post is exclusively for one of them. And the swatches are specially requested by Sarah.
The ELF Cream Liner in Coffee
The product claims
“Creates smooth lines that are defined and precise. Smudge-proof, budge-proof and water-resistant coverage for all day wear to combat against, sweat, tears and rain”
Lives up to the claim of being a creamy and smooth liner. Spreads on the eyes like a dream and it also dries quickly..in fact very quickly. So if you intend to use it as an eyeshadow base, be quick.
With the right tools, you can make the thinnest line to the thickest spread.
Swatches under artificial light:
1) Slanted eyeliner brush – Single stroke
2) Slanted eye liner brush – Thick stroke
3) Normal Artist liner brush 000 – single stroke
4) Normal Artist liner brush 000 – double stroke
Swatches under daylight
For those familiar with the One Stroke Method of painting, 1 is the liner stroke and 2 is a modified “c” stroke.
I actually wanted to use an eye liner brush for 3 and 4, but was tempted by the 000 artist brush from my new artist brush stash.  I am generally very possessive about my painting brushes, but this was too hard to resist 🙂
Once dry, the liner doesn’t budge and remains intact. Yet to try it in case or rain/tears LOL. The smudge you see in 2 is my attempt to smudge the liner after it dried. It did only to this extent and that too with immense pressure.
+ Packaging is cute- a sleek little cube like plastic jar with a twist open lid. I drool over cute packaging
+ The liner is very creamy, almost like half melted chocolate which is kept in room temperature – the colour is also chocolatey.
+ Pigmentation is good..In fact, it is much more than what I expected.
+ Staying power is good.
+ Though it dries to a non smudging finish, the eye lids do not feel tight.
+ Product does not flake off. Well actually even after setting, the consistency is still creamy and not dry
I quite liked the product and did not find any cons as such. Initially there was a disappointment seeing the quantity, but I realised it is almost the same for Maybelline Gel liner too. Moreover, the price is just 3$. So that kind of justifies the price.
Price : USD 3 for 4.7 gms
Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥

I take away one point due to its non availability in India, especially since ELF has launched some products here already.

Would love to buy it again, provided they start retailing in India soon. This was bought online from Makeup Masala Shop.

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