Bengaluru Beauty Banter – May

May is a very special month for me..It is my wedding anniversary month. It is also the B’day month of a very very special person in my life.

As the first step of celebrations, here are some beauty updates from The Garden City.


Be-Yu is a German cosmetic company, with its headquarters in Munich. Their products are  now available in Bangalore.

They have products ranging from lipsticks, lip glosses, long stay lipstick-gloss duo, eyeshadows (single,duo,quads), bronzers, nail colours, primers and much more. The prices seem to be somewhere between drugstore and high end. Available at select Health and Glow outlets especially Garuda Mall.

Health and Glow

H&G Basics has introduced a range of economical brushes and makeup applicators. Products available are lip brushes, eye brushes, smudgers, eye lash curler, blusher brushes, foundation brushes, fan brushes etc. Prices begin from INR 50 and they even have full brush sets available for around INR 250. The quality is also good compared to other local brands. This range could be an ideal choice for beginners in makeup who would want to keep within a budget and try first.

Jericho by Paloma

The skin care brand from Israel, specializes in cosmetics and therapeutic products made from Dead Sea salts, minerals and mud. Their products claim to be all natural and paraben free.

Products range from Face Packs, Body Packs, Scrubs, Toners, Soaps, Cleansers, Serums and Eye gels and much more. The prices begin from around INR 275 and move upwards.
To be frank, I found the smell of some of their stuff a little too strong for my likes. In fact, after smelling them, my olfactory sense was kinda numbed that I couldn’t take any more of it.
Available at select Health and Glow outlets and Hypercity, Bangalore.
Faces from Canada
The cosmetic brand from Canada, was founded in Ontario,Toronto in the year 1974. They have expanded their brand presence to India and have opened a small stand alone booth in Garuda Mall, Bangalore.
They have normal as well as mineral make up. I explored their mineral makeup range and these are some of them:
F Mineral Loose Powder

Innovative dual foundation-plus-formulation offers protection from harmful UV radiation. Vitamin E, Triglycerides and Mica impart a silky irresistible touch to your skin. Unique spill proof, easy to use applicator.

Suitable for all skin types
Coverage : Light to Medium
Finish – Dewy
Available in 4 shades – 01 Honey Beige, 02 Ivory Beige, 03 Sand Beige, 04 Golden Beige
MRP : INR 599/- for 7 gms

F Minerals Pressed Powder

Light, “easy blend” formula made from 100% natural powders. It glides over skin, offering a smooth and homogenous finish. Unique oil absorbing properties help prevent acne and other problems associated with excessively oily skin.

Suitable for all skin types

Coverage : Sheer/Light

Finish : Natural

Available in 4 shades : 01 Honey Beige, 02 Ivory Beige, 03 Sand Beige, 04 Golden Beige

MRP : INR 449/- for 9 gms.

F Minerals Eye Shine Trio

Three co ordinated shades that work individually or together. Vitamin E enriched;provides uniform and long lasting coverage for gorgeous looking eyes.

Suitable for all skin types

Coverage : Sheer/Light

Finish : Natural

Available in 4 shades : 01 Beechwood, 02 Berry Bliss, 03 Wicked Wine, 04 Blue Moon

MRP : INR 599/- for 4.5 gms

F Minerals Blush

Innovative “long wear” formulation made using ” baked” technology adds subtle but unmissably attarctive colour to your cheeks and makes sure they stay that way throughout the day.

Suitable for all skin types

Coverage : Sheer/Light

Finish : Natural

Available in 4 shades : 01 Star Glaze, 02 Pink Topaz, 03 Diamond Shine, 04 Amber Rose

MRP : INR 399/- for 6 gms

F Minerals Lip Glaze

Special cream based conditioning formula. Easy to apply, long stay and Vitamin E enriched.

Coverage  : Semi Opaque/Light

Finish : Natural/Sheer

Available in 6 shades : 01 Rose Quartz, 02 Stone Crush, 03 Pink Turmaline, 04 Rose Petals, 05 Pink Jade, 06 Red Ruby.

MRP : INR 399/- for 4.5 ml

F Minerals Lip Colour

Unique flex form complex enriched with Vitamin E keeps lips looking soft and supple. Ultra purified waxes improve the colour intensity and provides a rich feel that no one will miss.

Coverage : Medium to Full, depending on the shade

Finish : Soft Natural

Available in 6 shades : 01 Garnet Red Wine, 02 Maple Fudge, 03 Berry Garnet, 04 Passion Rose, 05 Cafe Date, 06 Star Raisin.

MRP : INR 399/- for 4.2 gms.

They also have a whole range of skin care products from cleansers, toners, moisturisers to scrubs and other stuff and also accessories.

These are all the information given to me by their helpful staff. In fact I was quite impressed by the way they handled customers, even though I went there at their closing time. They had already packed in the normal makeup stuff and so I went ahead and explored the mineral range. I really wanted to buy atleast a few things on a test basis, but they had even shut down their billing system. I would definitely be trying some things during my next visit.

Lotus Herbals

Lotus is currently running an offer. Buy any two Lotus Nail Colours and get one free.

Buy Lotus products worth Rs 500 and get a Lipstick free.

Buy Lotus products worth Rs 1000 and get an ethnic make up box free.

Available at Health and Glow, Garuda Mall.


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