Shahnaz Husain’s Shascrub and Natures Gold Skin Radiance Gel-Review

Shahnaz Husain and her range of products are considered to be the ultimate of beauty and skin care in India. Atleast it was like that a few years ago. Even now, in smaller towns, Shahnaz Parlours are a rage and considered to be the ultimate..You must be wondering why such a long introduction. Well I am coming to it. Here I am going to review 2 products from that range which I bought some time back.


Face & Body Scrub
What the product claims:

This cream has natural scrub particles of Walnut, Date extract, Coconut & Lemon Oil, which provide intensive deep pore cleansing, leaving the skin cleaner and brighter.

Method of Use

Gently rub on skin for 5 to 10 minutes, using circular movements. Wash off.


The product seems like a very creamy scrub which has a pearlescent texture and with even granules of Walnut or whatever. I used the product as per the instruction and wash it off and what do I see? My skin feels so taut and dry. Now let me give you a little background on this. I regularly exfoliate my skin and have used the mildest Everyuth scrub to St.Ives to Himalaya Herbals Exfoliator and also Aroma Magic Mineral Scrub.. None of these products have left my skin so dry. My skin did feel squeaky clean, but it was not a nice clean feeling. It felt like I washed my face with detergent rather than a scrub. I still harbored hopes and continued using it. After many usages, my skin reacted to the product in the same way as before and I knew it was definitely not my skin having PMS, but the product. But I had spent a whopping amount of INR 235 for 40 gms of it and how could I throw it away. After much thought, it went to my pedicure kit and one session of home pedicure and it was over..Thank God!!

The fragrance is quite strong in notes of Coconut and Lemon(smells more like synthetic lemongrass than original EO).


Please do not get deceived by the wide tub..It has the most inconvenient narrow mouth and the contents are not so much..Yes..the width is just a visual trick. Actual product is just in the middle section of the container, which is of the same width as that of the mouth. Rest is all oxygen 😛

Price : INR 235 for 40 gms

Rating : I wouldn’t wish to rate this product.

Buy it again : No

Shahnaz Husain Natures Gold Skin Radiance Gel

Comes in a spaceship like container which is divided into two sections. One of it contains a gel like thing with lots of gold specks in it- supposed to be flecks of gold. The other section has an orangish balm like substance.
Indications Unique dual complex formula , containing 24 carat pure Gold, for slowing the visible sign of ageing. It helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin surface, making the skin look younger and more radiant.
Method of Use Apply the gold gel all over face. Then used a small amount of moisture enhancer and rub gently into the skin.

I had high expectation on this product as it promised to give a radiant glow to the skin. I applied the gel as mentioned and when I look in to the mirror, I find a face with gold dots on it. Yes, the supposedly original gold particles were all over my face making it “radiant”. Once again trusting the product to do wonders, I apply the balm(moisture enhancer). It does nothing to the face other than leaving a greasy film on my skin which made me look as if I had a wax coat. Now that was the height. I left the product untouched for atleast 3 to 4 months..Then again the radiance lover in me popped up and I thought of giving it a last chance before discarding. I eagerly open the jar and find that the gel had become sort of thick and the gold particles had all lost their colour and sheen. The cream was smelling funny..So that ended my tryst with the product and it went straight to my dustbin.

Price : Around INR 635

Rating : The same opinion as for the above product.

Buy it again : NO

Now I have just one more product from this company – Flower Power Base, which is atleast working ok ish as of now. I will be reviewing it a little later. But other than that, I guess I wouldn’t be buying Shahnaz Hussain products anymore. They are quite heavy on the pockets even to do a test run.

Do you use Shahnaz products ? Which ones have you found to be good ? Do write in.


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