God’s Own Country- Beauty Updates,Hauls

My recent vacation and the subsequent work trip took me to Kerala – God’s Own Country. I generally don’t shop for cosmetics in Kerala as the place is sluggish in terms of new product launches. But I do love to look around for exotic herbal products and this time I was lucky to spot a few gems. So here is a small round up of the things I got:

Dhathri Snana Choornam ie Herbal Bath Powder

Snan Choornam is a herbal powder used for cleansing the body. It is to be mixed in water or milk like how we do with a face pack and applied on the body instead of a shower gel/soap. The product is multi purpose as it cleanses as well as exfoliates.

Price: INR 15

Coloressence Bridal Kajal
I have been hearing about Coloressence products for a long time now and was desperate to try atleast some of their products. I was happy to see some of their stuff in the shops in Kerala. As you all know my craze for eye products, I decided to try the Bridal Kajal 🙂
Price : INR 100
Dhathri Daily Moisturiser for Face and Body with SPF 20 (UVA Plus and UVB Plus)

A liquid daily moisturizer for face and body with SPF 20. It claims to be sun protector with antiwrinkle and complexion enhancing properties.
Price : INR 90
Sumangaly Beauty Manthra Cream
An authentic ayurvedic formulation with honeybee wax as base to wipe off pimples, acne and black marks for a soft smooth and glowing skin.
Price : INR 135

Another product I have been eyeing ever since I saw it in the Kama product range. But their exorbitant price put me off. I was quite sure it was available in local Kerala market for a fraction of the cost and there it was. Couldn’t resist buying 😛
Price : INR 95
It is a lip colour and gloss put together in one product. Available in 12 shades. I got the colour 003 Ruddy.
(will post pics soon)
Price : INR 100
Here are some other updates too from Kerala beauty market:
Biotique Tinted Moisturizer is commonly available here in supermarkets. Elle 18 and Eyetex dazzler products are also fast moving, but it seems Elle 18 is not constantly updating stocks. I am planning to get some Elle 18 lippies and nail colours too. It was also a big surprise to find Lotus Herbals lipsticks, Herbal Sindoor, Concealer, Nail Colours etc.
As of now, I am still away from a broadband connection, but I was missing blogging and was dying to post. Will be doing reviews of all these products one by one. I have already used the kajal twice and am happy happy. And then I have the MAC stuff also to be written about, especially the blush (sorry Shivani, will post soon).
Hope you all have been doing fine..I missed out on quite a lot in the last 10 days especially the events in many of your blogs 😦

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