Forest Essentials Store in Bangalore

Forest Essentials, the brand of natural skin care was founded in 2000 by Smt Mira Kulkarni.
Their products claim to use natural and aromatic ingredients in their products at the same time with therapeutic properties.

Their products have been widely used in numerous spas and hotels all over India as well as abroad. Forest Essentials has launched their first ever store in Bangalore. Estee Lauder Inc recently took over a minority stake of this brand. The store is located on Vittal Mallya Road in the heart of Bangalore city.

They have some lovely products like Sandalwood Bath and Shower Oil, Panchpushp Toner- (Read review Here) etc.

You may check out their products at:

Forest Essentials Store
Vittal Mallya Road
Bangalore 560 001

PS : Glitter Glamour Grace is not affiliated or associated with the featured brand in any way.


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