Colorbar and Faces Canada at Sigma Mall,Bangalore

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. It is the beginning of festive time in South India and yesterday was one of the most auspicious Varamahalakshmi Pooja day.

I was out for some work near Cunningham Road and found 2 relatively new cosmetic counters at Sigma Mall.
Colorbar USA and Faces Canada 🙂
Faces has their counter at the ground floor of Sigma Mall. Currently they are offering makeover sessions for customers, so that you can give a quick trial to their products. I found that they had much more stock than the one at Garuda Mall.
Colorbar has also got a counter at Pantaloons in Sigma Mall. Unlike the ones at MORE and Star Bazaar, they have a huge selection of lippies as well as nail colours. What disappointed me was the absence of blushes..sigh..They had only Trace Gold in stock 😦
However, their stocks were much updated than the other shops and a had a very friendly SA too.
And before I sign off, I would like to wish all my readers from Kerala, a very

Happy and Prosperous Onam
Img Courtesy : Link

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