Bridal Beauty Tip(2) – Amla for healthy scalp and lustrous hair

A bride should look totally beautiful and glowing on her wedding day. This not only includes her face and body, but her teeth and hair too.

Here is a simple tip for lustrous hair + no dandruff scalp. A hair pack using two of the most easily available ingredients in the Indian kitchen.

Amla(Indian Gooseberry) + Milk

How to use it

Take 3 or 4 medium sized amla/gooseberries and poke with a fork making a lot of deep dents in the fruit.  Soak the gooseberries in about a cup of milk at night. The next day, cut the gooseberries and remove the seed. Grind the berries in a mixer along with the same milk used for soaking. Make a fine paste. Apply this paste on scalp for about 20 – 25 minutes and wash it off using luke warm water. Try to avoid shampoo atleast on the day you have applied the pack. If you are very particular, you may use a very mild ayurvedic shampoo.
This pack gives a lovely lustre to the hair and prevents premature greying of hair. This is also an excellent cure for dandruff.
You may use this pack once in 2 weeks or once in 10 days(for severe dandruff).
Please note that people who are prone to colds often should avoid this pack as it provides extra cooling to the scalp, which in turn may cause sneezing,cold,cough etc. You may also avoid the hair pack if you have sinusitis or asthma. Whereas, regular intake of Amla helps in regulating the imbalances of the body and prevents cold, sneezing etc.
Benefits of Amla

Amla is said to be the richest source of Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid. Amla has anti bacterial properties, which helps in fighting dandruff. The astringent nature of Amla helps in giving the hair a lustrous shine.
Milk helps in being a binding factor for the pack as well as provides gentle cleansing for the scalp and hair. Milk also has all the essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.
Have you tried Amla/Indian Gooseberry for hair care?
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