The World’s Most Unusual Spas

In today’s stress filled world, Spas are a boon for human kind. Pick your phone, Book a session and step in…Stress relief is as easy as that these days. Spas all over the world are using the most exquisite and exotic ingredients possible to make it worthwhile…with all these, the cost need not be mentioned right?

There are mud spas, chocolate spas, mineral spa,hot spring spa and what not.

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Now let us go around a few spas that offer some out of the box treatments! Shall we??
Ada Barak’s Snake Spa – The “Spa that Slithers”

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The spa is located in the Tanmei Elazar province of North Israel and is run by Ada Barak.  She uses a variety of snakes like California and Florida King Snakes, Corn Snakes and Milk snakes for massaging. Her inspiration came from the belief that people would have only an initial inhibition. Once they find the physical contact of a snake to be soothing and stress relieving, they would love to go through the treatments. The snakes are of different sizes and the best part is that they all are non venomous varieties. A spa session is said to cost anything from above 80$.

The Yunessun Experience

Img and contents: Yunessun
 The Yunessun Spa in Japan offers some thirst quenching spa treaments..Wanna know more? Read on
Japanese Sake Spa
There is a constant dripping from a huge cask filled with real Japanese Sake, which is considered to be excellent for the skin. It is said to be a unique Japanese experience.
Green Tea Spa
This unique spa contains real green tea which comes from a huge tea pot 2m tall. The tea is grown at the foot of the Tanzawa and Hakone mountains, known for a suitable climate for growing tea plants. The green tea grown in this area is rich in aroma and contains Catechin, a powerful anti-oxidant fighting tumors as well as enhancing the immune system. This again is good for the skin.

Coffee Spa
This spa contains real coffee made with hot spring water. It has been said that coffee is an effective treatment from the recovery of fatigue, and also adds beauty to the skin. The aroma of the coffee will also perk up your senses.

Wine Spa
Wine is poured from a huge wine bottle which is 3.6m tall. Bathing in wine is a rejuvenation treatment for the body, famous from the times of Cleopatra…The lady seriously had a fetish for all exotic stuff I guess.
Well that is all the exotic stuff from Japan..But I heard recently that they have a spa with Ramen noodles too..strange eh?

The Hersheys Chocolate Spa

 I don’t wish to spoil the charm with my descriptions here. See what they say about the Hersheys Experience

In the town built on chocolate . . .

In the rolling hills of Hershey, Pennsylvania, nestled atop Pat’s Hill overlooking majestic gardens lies The Spa At The Hotel Hershey, a haven with innovative and relaxing spa services, where you will enjoy classic elegance, timeless sophistication, and the unmistakable touch of Hershey.
Built on a tradition of excellence and luxury, The Spa At The Hotel Hershey is the newest addition to a town with a richer history than the chocolate that bears the same name. Its timeless elegance and charm connect it directly to the past. The design of The Spa draws its influence from High Point Mansion, the home of chocolate magnate, Milton Hershey, and his wife, Catherine. Echoing the High Point Estate, and incorporating Catherine’s love of roses, Hershey created a spa with a one-of-a-kind experience. From the stained glass windows, marble landings, pecan paneling, and beautiful views of The Hotel Hersheymajestic gardens, The Spa is unlike any other.
Let yourself be soothed and toned in total luxury at The Spa At The Hotel Hershey, a sanctuary where chocolate is not just a treat to eat, but a necessary ingredient for innovative spa treatments such as the Whipped Cocoa Bath, Chocolate Bean Polish, and Chocolate Fondue Wrap.

Throughout your journey, you will discover aromas, flavors, textures, sounds, and vistas that are uniquely Hershey. Take it all in and let the stress melt away.

I am listing a few of the treatments mentioned in their site here:
Chocolate Bean Polish – 30 minutes, $65

One of our signature chocolate services!  We combine the gentle exfoliation of cocoa bean husks and walnut shells with a softening Cocoa Body Moisturizer for superb results.  Smells so good, you may want to eat it!

Chocolate Sugar Scrub – 30 minutes, $65
Hershey, PA meets Hershey, Cuba!  This sweet scrub leaves your skin silky soft and best of all … chocolately smooth!

Sweet Hands & Feet  – Hands, 50 minutes, $55*
Feet, 60 minutes, $75*The ultimate chocolate experience for your hands and feet! Enjoy either a classic manicure or pedicure with a chocolate sugar exfoliation, chocolate mask for the feet, paraffin dip, and chocolate moisturizing massage.

Cocoa Massage – 50 minutes, $110 | 80 minutes, $170
Only in Hershey, Pennsylvania are you able to relax AND enjoy chocolate without a single calorie.  Our signature chocolate scented massage oil along with a classic Swedish Massage will surely soothe your senses.

Chocolate Fondue Wrap* – 60 minutes, $120
Our exclusive formula of warmed moor mud and essence of cocoa revitalizes and nourishes the skin as it relaxes the body.  A luxurious body brushing is followed by the fondue application.  The body is then wrapped in a soft warm blanket to enhance the total effect.  A Vichy Shower rinse culminates the effect.

Cocoa Facial Experience – 75 minutes, $165
The most unique Hershey facial experience! In the rich tradition of cocoa, relax with the newest addition to theChocolate Spa. Enjoy aromas of caramel, strawberry, rose, and mint. This facial experience contains active ingredients carefully selected from natural resources to maintain beneficial properties of the cacao fruit, proven as an anti-oxidant, to combat the visual signs of aging.

They have special packages for pregnant women. By the way who said only women love chocolates? They have some special packages for men too. Well well…words don’t do justice. Do they? You may check out and indulge here.

Hari’s Hair and Beauty Salon, London
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Ok..we are not talking about a farm…Wondering why this picture for a salon? You’ll understand in a moment.

Hari’s Hair Salon has a few of the strangest, yet supposed to be the best hair treatments in the world. Let us hear it from the horse’s mouth only.Oops, sorry.. from the bull’s mouth.

Hari’s Aberdeen Organic Bull Sperm Treatment – Dubbed as Viagra for the hair its star ingredients are Bull Sperm and Katera root from an Iranian plant that are both packed with protein and moisture to nourish, revitalise and repair all types of hair. The ultimate rescue for coloured, over processed, dry frizzy hair, it replenishes essential proteins in the hair with a lubricating tangle free effect.

Caviar Hair Treatment – It’s not only the palate that can be charmed by caviar. This enriching hair mask has been specially formulated by Hari and contains high potency fish oils, which treat dull hair to a super indulgent high shine. This odourless, deep nourishing treatment repairs fine, dry and sensitised hair to full vitality without weighing it down.

Now, that explains the picture right? What more do I say?

The Four Seasons Resort,Punta Mita, Mexico

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 Lets take a look at the unique treatments offered here.


This rejuvenating massage involves the application of a warm meringue made of cactus, tuna (the blossom of the cactus), and pulque, using various massages techniques. It also involves using the nopal paddies themselves to apply the meringue directly on to the skin. The nopal, or cactus, is well known for its many healing properties. It will help to remove toxins and re-hydrate your skin leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.
Price : 50 minutes – USD 177.00 | 80 minutes – USD 245.00

Punta Mita

A relaxing all-over massage using tequila, indigenous sage oil and traditional Mexican healing techniques.
Price : 50 minutes – USD 160.00 | 80 minutes – USD 225.00

The Sachets Ritual

Your Spa professional begins this treatment by stimulating your senses with an aromatised mist and the soft brush of an ostrich feather. Once awakened, your body is ready to receive a warm oriental oil, applied directly to the skin in long, soothing strokes, encouraging immediate muscle relaxation. Finally, the warm oil is combined with cinnamon- and clove-aromatised sachets, used for lymphatic drainage, and percussion massage techniques that deliver a true Punta Mita relaxation experience.
Price : 80 minutes – USD 225.00
Punta Mita Margarita
Tequila, salt and fresh lime juice: a recipe for relaxation. Lime is a soothing natural astringent and skin conditioner, and has a mood-enhancing effect, boosting morale and relieving anxiety. Applied with mineral-rich sea salts and a dash of tequila, this delicious treatment lightens the spirit while cleansing and rejuvenating the body.
25 minutes – USD 110.00
Smooth Synergy Day Spa – New York City
Image n Info : Source
Again an intriguing picture right? Now to be frank with you, this is the most decent picture I could lay my hands on. Still thinking? Lets come to the point. This day spa in New York city offers a treatment called “The Fanny Facial”   I guess there is no more explanation needed for it 🙂 Yes..a facial for one of the important assets of a woman – the buttocks. See what they have to say about this “Facial”
Smooth Synergy® Signature Fanny Facial™
Our featured Smooth Synergy® treatment is the “Fanny Facial™,” a three-step system for maintaining a perfectly polished derriere! To begin, the sensitive skin of the derriere is exfoliated with Smooth Synergy®’s Papaya Mint Body Scrub to help dissolve surface debris, detoxify skin, and clean pores. Next, Microcurrent therapy is used on the skin to alleviate any bumps or lumpy appearance through a series of positive and negative compressions, which lift and tone the derriere. This very rich and pampering service delivers anti-inflammatory results and leaves the skin smoother and more toned. As the finishing touch, the entire body is given an organic spray tan to achieve that total bombshell look.You can visit their website here for more information and some before and after pics too..LOL

And coming to the last one of this series..which sounds quite sane to me now after reading all of the above 😛

The Original Volser Hay Bath at Hotel Heubad-Italy

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What is said about the treatment

You’ll spend 15 to 20 minutes snuggled in warm, moist hay. Afterwards, you’ll rest for approx. 30 minutes on a couch. We recommend a traditional partial massage to round off the hay bath treatment. 

Effect Hay baths have been in use for more than a hundred years. They have a detoxifying effect, and help your body rid itself of waste products. At the same time, they also have a refreshing, invigorating effect and help enhance your overall sense of well-being. Sweating while lying in the hay fortifies your immune system and stimulates your metabolism. Additionally, the flowers in hay baths are a marvelous way to care for your skin. 
We harvest the succulent hay from the natural meadows at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters above sea-level on the Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi. Only those meadows with more than 40 different species of grass and flowers in an area of 50 square meters are used. When the flowers are in full bloom (from mid-July till early-August), the meadow is cut just once. The harvested material is carefully dried and stored in order to preserve the quality of our hay and the hay baths. 

I guess I will keep away from Ada Barak and Hari’s Salon. But Hershey’s is definitely in.

So, what do you think? Any thing in your must try list??

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