Oriflame Visions V Soulmates EyeShadow

Oriflame Visions V* SoulMates Eye Shadow

A meant-to-be harmony of smooth blendable shadows.
Choose from 4 classic lovestruck combos and 4 of this season’s hottest couples for loving looking eyes.

These duos come packed in cute little transparent, round containers, with a flip open lid.

The best thing about these shadows are the names. You wanna hear them?
Here they go : Mickey n Minnie, Bonnie n Clyde,Tarzan n Jane, Romeo n Juliet, Homer n Marge, Adam n Eve, Cinderella n Prince Charming, Anthony n Cleopatra.
These are the shades I bought
Take a look at them individually.
Mickie n Minnie = Black n White 🙂
Cinderella n Prince Charming = Cream n Purple.
Price : INR 198 for 2 gms.
Will post swatches soon. Did you like these shades? Have you tried Soulmates Eyeshadow Duo?

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