Dermalogica MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment

Hands are such an important part of our body, but sadly the most neglected one. Add to it the hard work it does like dish washing, laundry,cleaning,dusting. And much before your face starts even showing age lines, your hands wrinkle.
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Have you ever wondered why our hands age faster than other areas?
Hand skin is naturally thinner, and thins as we age. Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing hand gels cause hand & cuticle dryness. Hands are more exposed to UV Light & the environment than other parts of our bodies.
“ Our hands are miracles of engineering, uniquely designed to create, express and heal.They’re also exposed to environmental assault with no natural defenses.”
While our hands are masterpieces of structural dynamics, the skin of the hands seems destined for premature aging. The skin on the backs of the hands is the thinnest anywhere on the body, similar to the delicate under-eye area. And, since the hands possess no sebum-producing glands, preserving moisture is often a problem.
Couple this with the reality that hands are exposed to the elements, cleaning agents and other harsh chemicals and all manner of environmental assault daily, year-round. As a result, hands often feel tight, dry and even itchy, and skin shows its mileage with lizard-like surface damage.”
Control the hands of time with Dermalogica MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment
DERMALOGICA’S DEEP RELIEF: Nourishing New Formulation !!
Dermalogica MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment helps shield against everyday damage that ages hands.

Expert Tip:   For intense hand recovery, apply before bedtime!
The product is deeply conditioning, with a more velvety feel, thanks to an increased level of silicones
and conditioning agents. Because hands can’t produce their own protective emollients, MULTIVITAMIN HAND AND NAIL TREATMENT does for hands what they cannot do for themselves.  Unlike many hand care products, Dermalogica MULTIVITAMIN HAND AND NAIL TREATMENT contains no artificial fragrance or colors which can irritate the sensitive, thin skin of the hands.
MRP: Rs 1620/- for 75 ml
How do you take care of your precious hands? Any simple/complicated regime or are they in sheer neglect? Would you like to try the new hand and nail treatment from Dermalogica?

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