Robot/Endhiran Makeup Overview

Let me put the disclaimer first. I am not a huge fan of Rajnikant nor his antics. But still the hype made about the movie Robot(Hindi)/Endhiran(Tamil), literally drove me to the theatre to watch it. This was the first ever movie of the Superstar that I have watched in the theatre.

The fact is that I had seen some of the stills of Aiswarya Rai Bacchan and psst..I wanted to check out her makeup badly 😉


The plot of the movie as such is not very impressive..but loaded with graphics, colourful costumes and jazzy robotics lingo. Aiswarya as usual did not have an important role that could prove her almost non-existent acting prowess. But the lady did look ravishing in her costumes and makeup. Though she seems to have put on quite a lot of weight and has started showing signs of ageing, she looked graceful.
There were a mix of subtle and dramatic looks as well as colours throughout the movie. The dramatic ones first.

05_9.jpgAll through the movie, her eye makeup comprised of Smokey Eyes and Winged liner. Isn’t the blush a bit OTT in the above look??..But the eyes are gorgeous though. The overall costume and look was very “Techno” with a lot of silver/metallic touch.

aish-endhiran-bollyupdatescom.jpgAnother Techno look.

A totally gold dominated look-both costumes as well as makeup. Love the eye makeup
This song sequence had an overload of blues and feathers. Looks quite dramatic too.
Now on to the subtle/nude looks. Dramatic looks were used only for the songs and rest of it were all subtle/nude makeup and simple clothes.
 One of the best casual looks in the movie. Loved her white top and the winged eyeliner.
Image  – Source
Doesn’t this remind you of MAC Barbie collection?
Image – Source
Image – Source
All in all, I really enjoyed the makeup in the movie. The best part is that the colours used can be recreated well not with just high end, but even drugstore brands.
Which of the above looks of Aiswarya Rai from the movie Robot/Endhiran did you like? Would you like to see any of these looks here? Do write in.

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