Aishwarya Rai in Robot inspired look

Hi Lovely GGG readers,

Do you remember Poornima’s post on Aishwarya’s looks in the movie – Robot?  So, we decided to break down her look…. It was not very clear which shade he had on her lids but it looks more silver-ish with pink blended above her crease. So, here’s the inspirational look.


My take:


 To begin apply a good base… I used oriflame’s Dual skin corrector.


Apply Silver eyeshadow on your lids… I used 88 shimmer palette.


Apply little bright pink eyeshadow on the crease.. as shown in the pic


Now blend it well all along the crease



Now apply a very light brown eyeshadow in your crease …and blend well


Apply compact on your brow bone and blend well !!


Apply liner… make it thin in the inner corner, and thick as your proceed to the outer corner..

Apply kohl liner on your lower last line


Then fill your water liner , set the kohl liner with a black eyeshadow on the lower lash line and add some false lashes on the 3/4th of outer lash line.


For lips use soft rosy coral lipstick and pink blush on your cheeks !!! And Done !! Hope u liked the look !!
This look was created for Glitter Glamour Grace by Ms.Deeptima Singh

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