Bridal Beauty Tip(3) – Supple Skin

A simple home treatment for soft and supple skin for a bride. Take some olive oil in a cup (Adjust quantities as per your requirement).

Warm the oil on stove top or in a microwave oven.
Add one or two drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil to the olive oil. Mix well and apply all over the body in swift movements. Keep massaging till the oil is almost fully absorbed by the skin.
Wait for about 15 minutes before taking a shower.
To cleanse the body, use a mixture of Besan(Chickpea Flour) or Greengram powder and water/milk. Apply this paste all over the body and scrub gently. Wash away with warm water.
You can do this treatment atleast once or twice a week for about a month before the wedding to give you soft and supple skin.
This tip is only for the body.
NOTE : Do not use more than the mentioned quantity of Essential Oil in the oil blend.

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