Perfect Imperfections and Some Awards

Life has been super busy these days with some upcoming projects and I have not been doing justice to my blog at all. But beauty blogging is something I do as a pastime and the last thing I want there is the stress.

Dr.Anju from Indian Makeupways(who is quite famous for her beautiful large eyes) has tagged me specifically for the Perfect Imperfections tag. Without much ado, here it goes

My 3 imperfections

1) My height, which is around just 5’4″. I really really wish I was taller.

2) My teeth – they are absolutely not even..

3) The nose is kinda stubby…now this is one thing I wish was more that I could carry nose pins with elan.

The 3 perfections

Ok..I wouldn’t call them perfections..but basically what I love about myself.

1) The hair – I have a balanced wavy hair which can be styled whichever way i want..

2) Hands – I take care of them a lot..and I love my fingers.

3) The eyes – yess…they are not as beautiful or big or whatever. But I love my eyes and just because of that I love eye makeup too.

Now on to the awards. Bhumika from new love, who is a very cute young friend has passed on these 2 awards to me.

Thank you Bhumika 🙂
PS – A certain little birdie tells me that MAC Pro Longwear products could be available in stores in India by mid of December 2010. Are you all set with a lust list or yet to prepare one ?

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