The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Range

Here are some new launches from The Body Shop

Dreams Unlimited

Dreams Unlimited™ Eau De Parfum

What is it?
This exhilarating fragrance features notes of citrus, green chilli, white flowers and cedarwood. It has been created exclusively for the Body Shop by two of the world’s leading perfumers.
Uplifting fragrance. Contains notes of Citrus, Green chilli, White flowers and Cedarwood. Exclusive to The Body Shop.
Size:    50 ml
Price:  INR 1495
More About the Product
We source our Community Fair Trade alcohol from the CADO cooperative in the Andean foothills of Cotopaxi, Ecuador. Our trade with this group of 150 smallholders benefits over 500 people. The organic farming methods they have adopted also benefit the natural biodiversity of 200 hectares of farmland.
Dreams Unlimited™ Body Lotion
What is it ?
This lightweight body lotion is scented with the exhilarating, white-floral fragrance of Dreams Unlimited�. It hydrates skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Light and easily absorbed. Leaves skin soft and smooth. White-floral Dreams Unlimited fragrance.

Size:    200 ml
Price:  Rs.  795 

More About the Product
The Juan Francisco Paz Silva Co-operative produces our Community Fair Trade sesame seed oil. Trade gives its 275 members a regular income and has helped to fund an alternative therapy clinic, which treats over 100 people each month at affordable rates.

Dreams Unlimited™ Body Wash
What is it?
This soap-free body wash has the exhilarating, white-floral scent of Dreams Unlimited.

Soap-free. Does not dry out the skin. White-floral Dreams Unlimited fragrance

Size:    200 ml
Price:  Rs.  475 

More About the Product
Our Community Fair Trade honey is supplied by the Bezamar Co-operative in South Oromia state, Ethiopia. The beekeepers employ traditional methods, using hives handcrafted from locally grown bamboo. This promotes strong, healthy bees and deters logging.

Have you tried these yet? What would you pick up from this range of products?

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