My Winter Skin Care Must Haves

Winters are really here and it is getting colder by the day. The climatic region where I am now is very very different from what I am normally used to. Which means the skin care products which are normally HG, may not be as effective. So, with a little twist, here are my must haves this winter.

1) The Body Shop Monoi Miracle Oil

A light weight moisturizing oil with an exotic fragrance that transports you to the islands of Tahiti.
This oil was recommended to me by a very dear blogger friend, Divija when I complained to her about dry elbows and pigmentation. Thank you dear!!! I am just loving this product. I use it both as a before shower oil or even after shower in the evenings.

Just take a few drops and massage well into the body, soon after a hot shower, while the skin is still damp. This works wonders. Skin feels soft, supple and smells exotic and not very oily at all.

The oil is multipurpose too.. Wanna feel like those beautiful Tahitian beauties?  you can also apply some warmed on your hair before shampooing.

2) Jergens Shea Butter Body Lotion – Deep Conditioning & Vaseline Nightly Renewal

Last winter my HG body lotion was Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lotion. Well I would say it still is. But as I am in transit, I misplaced that bottle. So…I had to go searching for a replacement and was quite tempted by the Jergens. On a first hand review, I would say it is lovely. Moisturizes well without the greasy residue. And the best part is that the moisturization remains throughout the day.
Vaseline Nightly Renewal Lotion
Superb for evenings. This lotion is light and not greasy even on application. This gets absorbed into the skin and keeps skin smooth n soft.
3) Hair Care – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Warm Olive oil + a few drops of Essential oils (individual or custom blended) keeps the hair soft and the scalp free from becoming dry n flaky.

3) Facial Cleanser and Scrub

Khadi Kesar Scrub Gel, Khadi Almond-Sandalwood Scrub, Liz Earle Hot Cloth Polish Cleanser(Read review HERE), Kama Ayurveda Soap Free Face Cleanser-Mridul.

The main point is to use a cleanser that is soap free. I am following a 100% soap free facial regime for the past one month and totally loving it.

4) Facial Moisturiser – Ponds Tinted Moisturiser and Biotique Bio Redwood Naturally tinted Moisturiser.
Ponds Tinted Moisturiser(Read review HERE) provides sheer coverage as a makeup base and good moisturization to the face. Above that, it has SPF also. Biotique TM(review coming soon) is an absolute winter thing. It doesn’t provide any coverage or tint as such to the face. But it makes the face smooth and provides an awesome base for your dewy makeup.
5) Attitude Foot Cream
I do not use all these products every single day. These are the products I alternate between on the cold winter days. What are the products that are keeping you soft and beautiful this winter?

Coming Up next – Winter Makeup must haves

PS – Btw, Forgot to add my current favourite Bath Cream  – The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Shower Cream.

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