Natural Cleanser for Jet black hair

Nowadays the market is flooded with different kinds of shampoos and hair cleansers. All the brands and products have some or the other claims about their qualities and advantages. I am about to reveal to you an age old secret recipe for beautiful jet black hair.


The recipe for a totally natural hair cleanser…with absolutely no side effects. And the ingredients for this cleanser is readily available in our garden.

For this, you need :

1) About 2 or 3 red hibiscus flowers


2) Three or four Hibiscus leaves

Wash these well and grind to a fine paste in the mixer. You will end up with a slightly weird looking gel like substance. Apply this to your wet hair and massage well into the scalp as well as along the hair shaft. Wait for about 5 minutes.
Wash away like any regular cleanser/shampoo and make sure that no residue remains back on your scalp. Regular use of this natural cleanser ensures a jet black hair free from dandruff. This also protects your hair  from premature greying.

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