Yardley of London-What does the name remind you of?

The very mention of the name Yardley of London brings to my mind only one single picture. During childhood days, my uncles and aunts travelling to India from the Middle East and the UK would bring loads and loads of Yardley soaps and tins of talcum powders..My grandmother was a connoisseur of Yardley products.

The most significant scents that have stayed in my mind are – Lily of the Valley and English Rose..OMG..we kids used to drool over those at that time. It was a rarity and could not be purchased in India, so we had to wait for our relatives annual visit.

Years went by and Yardley started appearing in Indian markets and is no more a rare brand. But the memories associated with it are indeed beautiful.

Why this long intro? Just to introduce the range of fragrances from Yardley of London to my lovely readers.

A quick peek into the brand as to what makes it so unique.

ABOUT THE BRAND – Yardley of London

Over the years, Yardley of London has become loved for its beautiful floral fragrances that are timeless classics worn by women of all ages. From light refreshing body sprays to the more indulgent eau de toilettes, we combine only the highest quality ingredients to create long lasting yet delicate fragrances.

•All time favourite women’s fragrance range

•Long lasting, lingering fragrances

•Elegant pack design

•Tamper proof actuator (spray lock) to prevent use at shop level

•Available in 6 exotic floral fragrances namely English Lavender, English Rose, Red Roses, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine and Sandalwood and in 2 pack sizes 75ml and 150ml.

Do you have any favourites among these? What does Yardley of London remind you of? Share it with us 🙂
PS – Info provided by PR

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