Jean Claude Biguine India Experience

Long, luxurious, healthy hair is any Indian girl’s dream come true. Don’t you all agree with me on that? In earlier days, our mothers and grandmothers had so many traditional recipes, tips and concoctions for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair. But in these modern days, when time and relaxation is a luxury for most of us, lack of having a joint family etc have reduced the chance for us to experience all those beauty treatments.

This is where modern day hair treatments, spas, salons etc come into the picture. Like any girl, I am also much obsessed about my hair and love to maintain it healthy and well kempt. I love looking for good hair products whenever I get a chance. But I don’t experiment too much with chemical treatments, hairstyling accessories etc as I am scared of spoiling my natural hair texture. So, it is with much care and thought that I pick up products and services for my hair.

It was much exciting when I got an opportunity to experience the hair care services of the reputed Jean Claude Biguine Spa/Salon in Bangalore. At the same time, I was apprehensive too as it was an entirely new name to me. I went ahead and booked an appointment with them, visited their salon and took one of their signature treatments for my hair. Sharing with my lovely readers, my experience with the Jean Claude Biguine Salon experience.

Before we go ahead with more details, here is some information on the brand.

Jean Claude Biguine – House of Beauty experience stands tall on the pillars of consistent expertise,the convenience of head to toe services all under one roof, with contemporary styling that brings Parisian Chic to compliment your own unique style.

According to The Jean Claude Biguine Group – “In keeping with our promise of consistent innovation, Jean Claude Biguine launches bi-annual collections(Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer) in Hair, Make-up,Skin and Beauty, to keep your look updated with global fashion trends.

Here are the brief details on their services:

Hair – Treatments, Techniques and Styling
Face – Skin, Eyes, Make-up and Touch Up
Body – Exfoliation, Massage and Hair Removal
Hands – Manicures and False Nails
Feet – Pedicures and Foot Beauty
Spa – Massages and overall Well-being

In each season, Biguine offers an extensive range of professional products in an explosion of colours for eye-shadows, lipsticks and lip gloss.  Their skin care products are sold under the brand name of Biguine Bio. They have face and body treatments which are customized for specific Face and Body requirements and their products are organic and 100% natural.

So, are you ready to visit the Jean Claude Biguine Spa/Salon with me? Come on in

The Jean Claude Biguine Spa/Salon is located at Vittal Mallya Road in Bangalore.

The reception
As I enter the salon,a subtle aroma of essential oils is what hit me first and the feeling was fresh and nice.  The studio is well lit and neat unlike many other salons in the city which I have visited.
I was welcomed by one of their friendly staff and stylist- Ms Nikhita. She explained to me about the hair treatments and analysis, while one of their staff brought me a bottle of water and some hot lemon green tea.
The first step was to do an analysis of my hair and scalp before recommending a treatment/therapy.
Preliminary analysis with some questions.
Jean Claude Biguine Salon uses products from the brand Kerastase for their hair treatments and therapies.
After the questionnaire, she proceeded to do a technical analysis of my hair using one of their equipments. It is supposed to assess my hair and scalp condition.  After this session, my scalp was detected to be medium oily, with little flakiness due to constant travel and varying water conditions.
And the treatment that was recommended to me was the Kerastase Chronologiste Treatment.
In the salon, there are specific areas for each service/treatment. This is the area where the hair is washed before the treatments are done. The area is well equipped for comfortable seating with recliner chairs. As the hair is washed, the recliners provide a massage to the back.
The section where rest of the hair treatments are done, like hair cut, styling, special treatments etc.
The Color Bar, where everything is about colouring your hair.
Other than hair therapies and treatments, the salon has quite a lot of variety in Spa and other skin and beauty services.
The menu of their services.
The facial and skin care services, threading etc start from a price range of approx INR 150 and upwards.
The best part I noticed about the salon is that one staff in each branch is a French stylist. And according to the staff, every time a new product or therapy is launched, the staff is trained by their experts from France.
The cozy area for pedicures. The speciality pedicure is that of Biguine Bio-which includes a scrub, pack, massage etc using Biguine Bio products. Treatment is priced at INR 1000/-
The nail bar area, where I got my nails painted.
The salon uses only O.P.I nail products for their customers and there are polishes also for sale in the salon. They are priced at INR 520. In fact, Jean Claude Biguine Salon is the only place in Bangalore which stocks and sells O.P.I nail colours.
The spa room
Their spa services includes a variety of massages, wraps etc for total body and mind relaxation. Detailed price list is available in their salon.
One of the Jean Claude Biguine staff explaining the aromatic candle massage.
After availing the services and treatments, should you wish to purchase any products from Kerastase, Biguine bio, OPI or Phytomer, the salon stocks them and are available for purchase too.
Since they have such a wide range of services and treatments, I really wished there was a little more space and rooms so that more customers could visit at the same time and avail the services. But I was informed by their staff that they are very soon shifting to a space which is 3 times bigger and with separate sections for hair, skin etc.
Before I left, I was also recommended some products for my hair, like a regular use shampoo, conditioner and simple protective cream before blow dry etc. This was done as per the analysis they did for my scalp and hair. However, I have decided to give them a try after reviewing my hair for a few days post treatment.
Did you enjoy the visit to the Jean Claude Biguine Salon with me? Do stay tuned for a detailed review of the Chronologiste Hair Therapy which I did there.
For appointments and more details, you may visit/contact
Jean Claude Biguine Spa/Salon
The Collective
Vittal Mallya Road
PS – Visit and services  were provided for PR purposes only. Our reviews are honest as always. For more information, please check out the Disclaimer/Policy section.

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