EOTD-Go Festive with Illamasqua Pure Pigment-Ore

I have been lagging FOREVER, wanting to do a look using illamasqua Pure Pigment In Ore. Now this color, it is one of a kind.
Is it wearable?? -Yes!!
Is it Festive? Hell Yes!!.It’s a truly one of a kind color. If you have been contemplating about buying products From Illamsqua, this is something you should not miss out on. Anyways, moving onto the look that I did- it’s a rather “evening” look, something you can wear to a party or wedding or get together.
·       Lakme 9to5 Flawless Makeup
·       Lakme Black Satin Kajal
·       Illamasqua Pure Pigment In Ore
·       Matte dark brown and shimmery highlight from KKCenterHk Palette
·       Eyetex Liquid Liner
·       Maybelline Colossal Volume’ Express Mascara
·       KKCenterhk Lashes
How to Do the Look:
·       First Of all apply a base using your eye shadow primer or foundation.
·       Apply black kajal and blend out using your fingers, this is to create a dark base for the shadows.
·       Take the Illamasqua pigment on a small stiff brush and pat it all over the lid, make sure not to go even a smidgen above the lid
·       Apply a dark bitter brown shade to the crease and blend out.
·       Take a shimmery highlight and apply right underneath the eyebrow.

·       Now take the brown shadow again and apply it to the outer 2/3rd of the bottom lash line.
·       Apply black liquid liner on top lash line and also apply kajal on the waterline.
·       Apply a coat of mascara.
·       Finally use a good lash adhesive and apply a natural yet glamorous looking false lashes, and you are Ready To Go!!!
Guest Post by Fathima Abdul Khader

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