NOTD – O.P.I Crepes Suzi ette

Loving this shade from O.P.I – Crepes Suziette

On my toe nails :-)) And thats my new pair of Crocs…
 Got my nails painted in this shade from the Jean Claude Biguine Salon 🙂 and I so badly wanted to buy it.  Sadly, the shade was out of stock that day…But I have reserved one for me to be picked up when I land in Bangalore.
O.P.I – Crepes Suzi ette.
Source – Google Images

Mini Review

This is the first time I am using O.P.I polish and I am totally in love. The huge variety of shades and the quality deserves special mention. If you remember, I took the salon service almost 3 weeks back. The polish on my finger nails stayed perfect for 2 weeks and then slightly began chipping only at the edges(inspite of the fact that I was doing all my routine work like washing dishes, making jewelry, using a lot of oil colours/mediums etc etc. Toe nails are still almost perfect even now and I can see minute chipping only from the past 3 days.

Will post a detailed review as soon as I get my own bottle(s??) LOL

Have you used O.P.I nail paints? Do share your thoughts and reccos for any shades I could try.


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