Fantastic Plum-tastic, cheesy but true!

Yup! I’m talking about Maybelline Colorsensational gloss, Plumtastic! I bought it a month ago and still cant stop gushing over it. It is my first gloss from this range and I love it so much that it’s definitely not going to be my last! I made a bullet list of it’s features so you can decide for yourself if it is for you or not.


 Shade number 415, gives 6.8ml of product.


 It’s the perfect pink on me, looks good by itself and also when worn over a lipstick or lip tint, which is how I usually wear it.  When worn by itself, it wears off after 3 hours but does leave behind a pinkish hue which gives you enough time for a touch-up without anyone having noticed 😉


After food, don’t ask! Like most other glosses, it wears off almost immediately after you eat anything but again, it’s tint doesn’t fail wont leave your lips colourless even after a cheesy sandwich *out of experience*.  When I layer it over my long stay lipstick or a tint, it’s like it brings out the best in the gloss because it stays and stays and imparts its nice pinkness to the lipstick too which is the best colour I’ve discovered so far.
The applicator is a comfortable doe-foot type which gives just enough product for one application, so there’s no dipping and re-dipping with this gloss!


 It costed me: 299INR, (sadly, no offers going on!)

The things I loved:
·       The shades available, They have something for every complexion.
·      The shade I got, it’s a beautiful colour for my Medium complexion.
·      The packaging, it just makes things so easy when I’m in a hurry (which is always, if you ask my family!)to go out and I have to find this from the rest of my glosses.
·      The metallic lid closes with a distinct “click” which again is so reassuring when I’m about to toss it into my bag before running out.
·      The shimmer particles in the gloss are so tiny that they don’t spread or give you the disco lips effect, they just silently make your lips sparkle!
·      Value for money.
Things I didn’t like so much:
· you may have guessed, nothing really comes to mind except that the pocket pincher inside me wished that there was a buy 1get 1 or atleast a buy 2 get 1 free offer going on or coming up in the near future!
Guest Article by Keerthi


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