Illamasqua’s New Mascara..The "Masquara"

If eyes are the windows of the soul, Illamasqua’s new Masquara reveals a heart of darkness with a formula that lengthens, defines and dramatises lashes to extremes.

According to David Horne- Illamasqua’s Director of New Product Development,

”Illamasqua’s new Masquara in Raven has taken flight. Masquara creates a jet black flutter of beautifully defined lashes – lash by lash perfection. Reapply for added drama and prepare to step into the night.”

Introducing the happy union of two new beauty innovations; our defining, lengthening and dramatising brush design, combined with Masquara’s midnight black smudge proof formula, ensures lashes that last the whole night through.  Bring out the power of your eyes and complete your alter ego.

New Masquara provides a glimpse into the heady world of indulgence that is Illamasqua’s AW11 Theatre of the Nameless collection, to be unleashed globally in its full decadent glory on Friday 2nd September 2011.

Price:  £15.00
Shade:  Raven (midnight black)

Masquara is available online at

At the Illamasqua Flagship Store, 20 Beak Street London; Selfridges Oxford Street London, Manchester and Birmingham; Fenwick Newcastle; and Debenhams Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast.

PS – PR Info


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