Ok! Today is the final day that I’l indulge in some makeup shopping…No, last week was Body care items, now I want to pick up some cosmetics! There is a huge difference you know! Tinted lip balm is not a cosmetic, its a balm so of course it doesn’t count!

I’m sure all of you have this internal battle unable to resist that gorgeous looking lipstick or blush to name the most popular items on every girl’s list…and face 😉

I was organizing my vanity area (I’m calling it an area because it has now grown to encompass all the deep-set shelves of my dresser! ) and when I came to the lipsticks I noticed a dark berry coloured shade which I thought, ages ago before being initiated into this gorgeous sparkly world of makeup, was my MLBB shade! :O I shudder to think of the times I must’ve worn that out in the open, I just thank God I eat a lot and hope that it got wiped off soon!! :((
Well anyway, while I was thinking about that nightmare, I saw the Colorbar Just earth blush that I bought on a whim one day and then realized it only makes me look muddy most of the time! In it’s defence, it does look great on some “nude” days when applied with a light hand and when I have the luxury of touch ups…so put all those pre-requirements together and I’m sure you realize it almost NEVER happens!! 😦
So coming to the main point of this entry, I discovered something! 😀

The bulb inside my brain lit up and I am so very proud of myself and I can’t wait for the next time I go out so that I can wear this new found discovery out in the open! 🙂 🙂
So here is what I did
I used the infamous berry shade of lipstick on my cheeks as a base for a blusher, this particular lipstick is a part of the 9 to 5 series by Lakme (Berrylicious) and is very light and easily sinks in, so no splotchy-ness 🙂
When I applied my blusher over this, it acted like a very easy cream blush and the blush colour popped and looked so much better than the other cheek which had only the blush! 🙂 When worn by itself also, it looked great but didn’t last too long (1-2 hrs and it was gone). It also helped the blush stay one longer, with this combo I got a wear time of around 4 hours but that was under a/c, but I’m sure since winter is coming up, it’ll be the same even normally 🙂
b) I used that same shade of lipstick as an eyeshadow base. Over this, I applied the Colorbar Just earth blush as an eyeshadow and when i compared it to the other eye (I’d worn only the blush as a shadow) it was vibrant, the powdery texture of the blush set and didn’t look chalky and the colour itself looked gorgeous, a pretty pink-ish peach-ish brown 🙂
Whew! So that’s it ladies, My version of recycling the things that I bought on impulse (Bad impulse, No cookie for you! 😉 ) so now I have a gorgeously different shade of eyeshadow and blush each! 🙂

PS: Always remember to sanitize the lipstick you use because that’s going to go on your cheek and your eye so we don’t want any breakouts or infections! I use Sanitizing wipes or plain old sanitizer on a dry tissue/cotton ball.
PPS: If a berry shade could do so much, you can just imagine what some pinky shades could do, so go on, have a blast n hope you come up with great colours!
Thanks for reading, hope you stayed with me through all my rambling and found it useful 🙂
Post by Keerthi 

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