It is all about MAC

No….I am not talking about the cosmetic company. It is all about MAC from APPLE Inc. Yes our very own MACbook.

Years back, when hubby and me decided to buy individual laptops, I was all for Sony Vaio which was the latest launch and feature rich etc. As we reached the store, hubby casually said “You have decided on Sony right? I am getting a MACbook”. I was too busy dreaming of the brightly coloured laptop skin and the motion camera and all of the Vaio. Then we were at the store getting a demo of the MACbook bought by hubby and suddenly I find myself concentrating more on that plain black, matte finish thingie than my colourful pretty lady. The Apple staff continued his demo and installations and stuff. He was also explaining the features, the applications, the user friendliness. For the first time in my life, technology talk didn’t feel like a pain at all for me. I don’t know what magic happened, but I never bothered about my Sony Vaio anymore. All I wanted was that black beauty. From the corner of my eyes, I could see a smile on hubby’s face. Yes…I was a convert.  We returned home with not one, but two MAC books that day.
And then there was no looking back……..Then there was the Ipod, the I phone etc etc.  Launch of the Ipad was eagerly awaited and celebrated as though we were having a new baby in the family. And we were already a part of the APPLE family 🙂
After a few years of usage, I was getting more curious about the brand and that shifted my focus from the creation to the creator. Yes, here I am talking about the man – Steve Jobs. Who made technology sound like soothing music to millions. I read up a lot about him, the ideas, his vision, his conviction and lots and lots. INSPIRED would be an understatement. If ever you get time, watch his speeches and talks on Youtube and you will know what I mean.
Today morning, as I heard the news of his passing away, the heart felt heavy. It was as if someone close to the heart is no more in this world.  The legend has passed. But then, a great soul like him will never fade from the hearts of million s.
Every morning I login to my MACbook or everytime I play music on my Ipod, Steve Jobs lives. As we continue to be indebted to that man who made technology easy for all of us.
STEVE JOBS….May his soul Rest in Peace.

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