Freshly Hauled – De stressing with Forest Essentials and Thann

More than 3 months of hectic travel, events and stressful happenings at home, my body and mind were shouting to me – STRESSED!!

An hour of meditation daily took care of the mind…but the body required more pampering. I wanted something natural and exotic and the brands that came to mind were – Kama Ayurveda, Forest Essentials, L’Occitane and Thann.

Kama – I am almost done with the brand…Not that I didn’t like their products, but the very thought that they were just using the products developed mostly by Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore was a downer. The place kinda neighbourhood for us and it is always possible to get their stuff at a much lower price and that too from the source.

L’Occitane – To reach their store, I had to go through Hosur Road traffic…need I say more??

So Thann and Forest Essentials it was. Since both the stores are located just about a few hundred feet away, there was absolutely no confusion.

From L to R - Forest Essentials Narangi and Nagkesar Facial Ubtan, Mashobra Honey and Vanilla Bath And Shower Oil, Mashobra Honey and Vanilla Hair Cleanser.

Moisture Replenishing Bath and Shower Oil – Mashobra Honey and Vanilla
Forest Essentials bath and shower water soluble oils, include completely pure, naturally distilled essential oils in organically grown, cold-pressed base oils derived from a variety of plants, fruits and nuts to leave your skin supple, silky smooth and beautifully hydrated. Each sensual blend not only treats the skin in a specific way but also leaves it lightly fragranced.
 Moisturizing & Conditioning
An exotic blend of natural Raw Honey and pure Vanilla Oil to moisturize and condition the skin. Its delicious aroma instantly boosts the senses.

Narangi and Nagkesar Facial Ubtan
The next best to “fresh” is the “dehydrated” where everything in the herb remains intact, only the water content is removed. The finest quality herbs that are used in these powders are pure and unadulterated. Therefore, wherever practical, it is beneficial to use the dehydrated herb. When juices, milk, yogurt or rose water is added to these powdered herbs they are “hydrated” and the fullest benefits of these natural products in their entirely may be had. Perhaps not as fresh as nature intended, but closest to nature, the next best thing.Instant Radiance, Firming and Toning

Lavishes your skin with rich restorative moisture. The base of pure cow’s milk ‘ghee’ helps enhance intercellular adhesion instantly and provides extraordinary smoothness and suppleness to the skin. With regular massage the skin acquires a noticeably soft resilient and ‘plumped’ quality, and a radiant glow or “Tejas”. Suitable for all skin types.
Hair Cleanser – Mashobra Honey and Vanilla
These gently cleansing shampoos with Amla juice, Ritha, Soya protein, Coconut Oil and herbal infusions give natural shine, swing and fragrance.
Nourishing Shine Enhancing
This shampoo contains Amla Juice, Reetha , Soya Protein, Coconut Oil, Herbal Infusions and Organic Honey and Vanilla Essential Oil gives natural shine, swing and fragrance.
Thann is a natural hair and skin care brand from Thailand. They have only one store in India and that is in Bangalore. Tucked away in the resplendent UB City Mall, it is a cute little corner shop with spa like ambience to it.
UB City is a regular hangout for me when in town as there is an added advantage of hub’s office in the same building 😉 The Apple Store, Good Earth and Bliss Chocolate lounge are some of my favourite haunts in UB City and Thann is one place I always wanted to check out. The mesmerizing aroma from the aromatic diffusers and soaps and lotions is very attractive. And this time, I just went ahead and made a small haul from there too.
As to what I bought from Thann, that deserves another post..
Btw, did you like my Forest Essentials haul? Do write in your thoughts about the same…and yeah about the new template as well.

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