Introduction and History

Aromatherapy is defined as a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as Essential Oils, and other aromatic compounds from plants, for the purpose of improving a person’s mood, cognitive function or health.

It is proven that Essential Oils, when used in the right way, provides physical as well as pshycological benefits in human beings. Pure and natural essential oils are used along with other base oils to provide the required benefits.

Though the term-Aromatherapy has been in use only since the beginning of 20th century, the process of healing with essential oils can be traced back to a few 100 years. China, Egypt, India etc are the countries which seem to have used and propagated this precious technique.
In the modern world, it is being used in the following fields:

Health Care
Beauty and Skin Care
Emotional Well Being
Home Improvement etc

Being a trained and certified Aromatherapist, I will be providing individual cosultancy in Aromatherapy through the blog.

For individual consultation, do drop in an email at glitterglamourgrace{At}gmail{Dot}com. We shall discuss the consultation charges and other specific details through email.  Essential Oils and Individual specific blends are also provided on special request after consultation.


Please note that Aromatherapy is not a system of treatment for diseases and specific health conditions. I am a trained and certified Aromatherapist and not a Doctor/Physician/Healer.  It is just an alternative healing technique and used in conjunction with the regular treatment for a better result. The results are different for each individual.  This therapy is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers, patients with severe heart disorders, Hypertension, High Blood pressure and any such high risk health conditions. Kindly consult your doctor/physician for any such treatments and also before taking up Aromatherapy.

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  1. Essential oils are great specially if you want to treat some allergies on your body. Essential oils are also great for massage because it is very soothing. ‘,,;’

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