The World’s Most Unusual Spas

In today’s stress filled world, Spas are a boon for human kind. Pick your phone, Book a session and step in…Stress relief is as easy as that these days. Spas all over the world are using the most exquisite and exotic ingredients possible to make it worthwhile…with all these, the cost need not be mentioned right?

There are mud spas, chocolate spas, mineral spa,hot spring spa and what not.

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Now let us go around a few spas that offer some out of the box treatments! Shall we??
Ada Barak’s Snake Spa – The “Spa that Slithers”

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The spa is located in the Tanmei Elazar province of North Israel and is run by Ada Barak.  She uses a variety of snakes like California and Florida King Snakes, Corn Snakes and Milk snakes for massaging. Her inspiration came from the belief that people would have only an initial inhibition. Once they find the physical contact of a snake to be soothing and stress relieving, they would love to go through the treatments. The snakes are of different sizes and the best part is that they all are non venomous varieties. A spa session is said to cost anything from above 80$.

The Yunessun Experience

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 The Yunessun Spa in Japan offers some thirst quenching spa treaments..Wanna know more? Read on

Weekend Haul

My makeup kit was much in need of an overhaul, but time and work constraints were not letting me do a relaxed shopping. Shopping for makeup, cosmetics or anything…well shopping by itself is a time taking process.
The last weekend was a super haul one for me. With my B’day also coming up, I went out for some retail fun 🙂
Here are some of the things I bought:
For My Nails:

♠ Maybelline Colorama Artistica Nail Colour in Dourado Metallica
♠ Maybelline Colorama Color Irresistible in Very Berry
♠ Revlon Nail Enamel in Iced Spice and Lavender
♠ Street Wear Color Rich in Aqua Blue
♠ Maybelline Eye Studio Vivid and Smooth Liner in Wine and Green
♠ Define A Lash Mascara Black
♠ Colorbar I Glide in Truffle

Market Updates Bangalore-Part 2

This is a continuation on my earlier post here.

L’Oreal True Match Roll On Foundation

Available in the local market in almost all L’Oreal counters especially the big Health and Glow outlets.

Comes in a sleek rectangular container with a cute little roll on applicator. Awesome and flawless finish on the face.  Currently there are 5 shades available.
Priced at INR 900/-

Tip for buying colour cosmetics, especially foundation :
It is advisable to go to a stand alone store and try the products. This would help you to apply the product and step out in daylight and check the colour. The lights in the store are very deceptive.
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Information Request

The makeup Gods and Goddesses have begun to show some mercy to us Indian beauties and beauty enthusiasts.  Many international brands have started trickling down to India. Yes, we all know that so many lovely brands are available in Delhi and Mumbai. But what about the cities down south?

I don’t intend to regionalize or to say that we are the deprived souls..never!!

In fact, today I got to know from a certain reader that Bourjois and its much hyped Healthy Mix foundation and concealer are available in Bangalore. Similarly, there are so many brands and products lying hidden in the different malls and shopping centres. But everyone doesn’t get to know about it.

To make it more convenient for all the beauty/make up lovers out here, I have decided to add a page to this blog with details of brands available in the major as well as minor cities and towns of India. This would be a mini directory for all of us, where you can find information on all the beauty brands in the Indian market.  But it is definitely not a single person’s job. I would like to request all my readers for information on this.Wherever in India you reside, do let me know about the brands available locally.

You may email me the details preferably in the following format:

Brand Name

Products available(not mandatory, but it would be nice if you could provide atleast some info)

Shop Name

Mall(if applicable)


Contact no (optional..only if you happen to visit and get hold of any contact number)

I will create an new index blog just for this purpose and we can all have a ready reckoner for future reference.

Those who are interested can write in with the details.

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