Online Shopping – experience

Looks like the shopping gods have heard every makeup crazy Indian girl’s prayer…Yes prayers for some good sites to shop.

I am sure you remember our intro posts to some shopping sites spotted. Read all about it here.

Now, this is all about a new entrant to the league – Violet Bag. I was quite excited to get an opportunity to review their services.

A little about the venture

VioletBag is the venture of a self-driven and committed team of IIT/IIM graduates who founded after having built another flourishing e-commerce startup. In addition to their experience in eCommerce, the VioletBag team, after successful career stints in leading companies, brings in expertise from areas like technology, product development, operations, finance and marketing. As is evident from their diverse backgrounds, each team member brings a unique set of capabilities to the table. As a group, they have valued these differences and have encouraged each other to question, create and experiment in their pursuit of excellence. However, the inimitable strength of the team lies in each individual’s ability to work independently and in their ability to build things from scratch. A deep sense of ownership has resulted in considerable throughput during the initial phases of development and roll-out; and as they go forward, it is their aim to continue building on these values and strengths in new members as well as within the organization.

Brands they Offer

Olay, Vega, L’Oreal, Garnier, Lakme, Pond’s. VLCC, Calvin Klein, Lotus Herbals, Wella Kolestint, Biotique, Maybelline, Neutrogena and many perfume brands like Issey Miyake, Escada, Davidoff and many many more.

Payment and Shipping Options

The site accepts various modes of payment to make your experience with us more enriching. Here is a list of payment options:

Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking – Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, J & K Bank, Citibank, Federal Bank, Cash Card – ITZ Cash, Cash on Delivery (COD)

Violetbag offers free shipping within India on all orders above Rs 250. All orders below the amount are charged shipping at a flat rate of Rs 50 per order. According to the company, they have partnered with multiple courier providers for shipment of orders and based on the customer’s location, they ship the order through any one of them.

My Experience
I placed an order on their website last Saturday. As soon as the order was placed, I received a call from their customer care confirming the order as I had opted for a Cash on Delivery option. There was also an accompanying email sent confirming the order.

On Tuesday morning, I received an email from them saying the package was shipped. The delivery was quite fast, considering the fact that it was holiday season due to navratri. I received the package on Thursday.

The products were all packed individually in bubble wrap and then in a box which was wrapped in cling film.

Tight packed with thermocol cubes to prevent damages in transit.

Wanna see what I purchased?

All in all, I liked the online shopping experience and customer care provided by the site. Above all that, the way they deal with the customer is very professional. I have had some unprofessional behaviour from  sites like Fashion and You. So, this was a feel good factor for me.
The Good
Almost all major skin care and makeup brands are available
Discounts on products.
Fresh stocks (ie no near to expiry stuff and all)
Quick and Professional service.
Multiple payment options for the customer.
Would I recommend the site to others? Yes
From what I observed, they are definitely working towards increasing the brands they sell. When I shopped, many like Biotique, Vega etc were missing. But now they have been added, which is a positive development.

Will post swatches and reviews soon…Lots of events happening before Diwali and I’m running short of time like crazy :-))
Meanwhile, do check out the latest collections added at Swaram and a lots more coming up before Diwali.

Info – Shopping voucher provided by brand. But our opinion is honest as always as our priority is always you.


Exclusive Bridal Packages at Jean Claude Biguine Salon

Remember the awesome hair spa treatment I reviewed some time back?  Yes, the Kerastase Chronologiste Hair Treatment at Jean Claude Biguine Salon.

Keeping the upcoming festive / wedding season in mind, they have come up with some awesome pre wedding packages.

Exclusive pre bridal package for the bride.

Here is the rate sheet that will help the brides plan the budget too. In addition to the bride, there are good offers for close friends and family. Useful for bridesmaids/flower girls etc

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Spotted -Online shopping-B.lab and Makeup Shades

For once, we were cribbing and complaining about lack of online makeup shopping options in India.

And what we see next is a lot of shopping sites cropping up. Just spotted a few more and thought of sharing them with my readers.


You may check out the Website.

There are quite a few makeup, skin care and hair care stuff available on their site.
Brands Available 

Dermalogica, Zoya, TIGI, L’Oreal, Neutrogena, Palmers, Phytomer, YSL, Shiseido, Olay, Kaya, Maybelline, Elizabeth Arden, Chambor, Thalgo, Silicum, Vichy, La Roche Posey, Babor,
Makeup Shades

You may check out the WEBSITE
L’Oreal, Maybelline, Colorbar, Garnier, Lotus, Vega, Lakme, Olay

And eeepsss…I spotted MAC Studio Fix Powder also.

Hope that was helpful…Do check them out!!

Note – These websites were spotted by me while browsing. They have not paid me nor am I being compensated for doing this post. For further queries, please go through our Disclaimer or shoot us an email.


Ok! Today is the final day that I’l indulge in some makeup shopping…No, last week was Body care items, now I want to pick up some cosmetics! There is a huge difference you know! Tinted lip balm is not a cosmetic, its a balm so of course it doesn’t count!

I’m sure all of you have this internal battle unable to resist that gorgeous looking lipstick or blush to name the most popular items on every girl’s list…and face 😉

I was organizing my vanity area (I’m calling it an area because it has now grown to encompass all the deep-set shelves of my dresser! ) and when I came to the lipsticks I noticed a dark berry coloured shade which I thought, ages ago before being initiated into this gorgeous sparkly world of makeup, was my MLBB shade! :O I shudder to think of the times I must’ve worn that out in the open, I just thank God I eat a lot and hope that it got wiped off soon!! :((
Well anyway, while I was thinking about that nightmare, I saw the Colorbar Just earth blush that I bought on a whim one day and then realized it only makes me look muddy most of the time! In it’s defence, it does look great on some “nude” days when applied with a light hand and when I have the luxury of touch ups…so put all those pre-requirements together and I’m sure you realize it almost NEVER happens!! 😦
So coming to the main point of this entry, I discovered something! 😀

The bulb inside my brain lit up and I am so very proud of myself and I can’t wait for the next time I go out so that I can wear this new found discovery out in the open! 🙂 🙂
So here is what I did
I used the infamous berry shade of lipstick on my cheeks as a base for a blusher, this particular lipstick is a part of the 9 to 5 series by Lakme (Berrylicious) and is very light and easily sinks in, so no splotchy-ness 🙂
When I applied my blusher over this, it acted like a very easy cream blush and the blush colour popped and looked so much better than the other cheek which had only the blush! 🙂 When worn by itself also, it looked great but didn’t last too long (1-2 hrs and it was gone). It also helped the blush stay one longer, with this combo I got a wear time of around 4 hours but that was under a/c, but I’m sure since winter is coming up, it’ll be the same even normally 🙂
b) I used that same shade of lipstick as an eyeshadow base. Over this, I applied the Colorbar Just earth blush as an eyeshadow and when i compared it to the other eye (I’d worn only the blush as a shadow) it was vibrant, the powdery texture of the blush set and didn’t look chalky and the colour itself looked gorgeous, a pretty pink-ish peach-ish brown 🙂
Whew! So that’s it ladies, My version of recycling the things that I bought on impulse (Bad impulse, No cookie for you! 😉 ) so now I have a gorgeously different shade of eyeshadow and blush each! 🙂

PS: Always remember to sanitize the lipstick you use because that’s going to go on your cheek and your eye so we don’t want any breakouts or infections! I use Sanitizing wipes or plain old sanitizer on a dry tissue/cotton ball.
PPS: If a berry shade could do so much, you can just imagine what some pinky shades could do, so go on, have a blast n hope you come up with great colours!
Thanks for reading, hope you stayed with me through all my rambling and found it useful 🙂
Post by Keerthi 

Fantastic Plum-tastic, cheesy but true!

Yup! I’m talking about Maybelline Colorsensational gloss, Plumtastic! I bought it a month ago and still cant stop gushing over it. It is my first gloss from this range and I love it so much that it’s definitely not going to be my last! I made a bullet list of it’s features so you can decide for yourself if it is for you or not.


 Shade number 415, gives 6.8ml of product.


 It’s the perfect pink on me, looks good by itself and also when worn over a lipstick or lip tint, which is how I usually wear it.  When worn by itself, it wears off after 3 hours but does leave behind a pinkish hue which gives you enough time for a touch-up without anyone having noticed 😉

Spotted – Cosmetix, An online cosmetic store for Indian brands

Random surfing revealed a gem to me today morning…..Want to know what it is?

Here is the Cosmetix- Online cosmetic store for Indian brands.
The initial information I could gather:
1) Brands – Biotique, Maybelline, Lakme, L’Oreal, Faces, Shahnaz Husain, Revlon, Pond’s, Streetwear, Lotus etc and they promise to be bringing in more brands
2) Home delivery across India
3) Cash on Delivery option for orders above INR 500.
4) Free delivery on orders above a certain amount.
I am yet to try shopping from there… Will update and review if I do…Have any of you bought from Cosmetix? Do share your thoughts.

Illamasqua presents Skin Sketching

The artists from Illamasqua want to share with the beautiful readers of Glitter Glamour Grace today a lovely new innovative technique called Skin Sketching.

Skin Sketching – How it began?

“Ever since the 1940s, when Greta Garbo picked up her black pencil and created the iconic illusion of depth on her eye socket line for the Hollywood cameras, make-up users across the world have searched for the tools and technique to create that show-stopping moment.

 Modern lives are bound in an endless chain of time constraints, practicality, and tiny clutch bags, which conspire to make the luxury of make-up application before, during or even after work an endless challenge.
Therefore, the Illamasqua School of Make-Up Art, a hub of unbridled creativity, has developed a simple yet brilliant solution to tick all the boxes of time, practicality and space saving – the Skin Sketching Technique.”
The technique