Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor, Swatches, Review and MAGIC

Hello everyone 🙂

 When Poornima sent me this lipstick, I was all over the place…jumping n everything because the colour was just so pretty!! When I tried it on, it made me look like I had smoked cigarettes since I was a baby! :O
The colour was so not what it appeared to be on the outside! I sighed and kept it on because I was only going out with my girlfriend for some icecream, my fiance didnt need to see me and wonder why I smoked after annoying him not to! 😉
I’m glad I did, because the staying power on this lipstick is phenomenal!! I was out for around 2hours, the major part of which, we spent eating, actually gorging over “Nutty Professor” from Baskin Robbins (yup, I see the nods and the smiles on your faces, its soo dee-lish right?!).The best part was that even when I came home my lips still looked the same and when I removed it using my cleansing milk after around 4hours, it came right off with no icky remnants of any sort and the quantity that came off was pretty much what I’d applied! So full marks on that front 🙂
I’m sure staying power is the biggest necessity for most of us so its great there!! The rest I’l bullet for you 🙂
  • Did not leave my lips dry after I applied the transparent gloss that comes with it.
  • I didn’t have to reapply AT ALL.
  • The doe-foot applicator makes applying this very convenient.
  • The transparent gloss is not sticky.

Now for the not so good,

  • The transparent gloss comes with a brush applicator which is a pet peeve for me, because the gloss gets all around my mouth when I’m in a hurry 😦
  • This particular shade “Faithful Fawn” is not what it appears from the outside.
So, as I badly wanted to utilize the awesome staying power on this baby, I experimented (which is what I do whenever I’m all studied out!) and I am proud to say, it was a success!! yayy!

Bright orangey coral(on me) Mango mania from Avon + unwearable smoking-since-centuries Faithful Fawn by Revlon
(on everyone) = a beautiful neutral colour, with just enough coral for me to happily carry it off 🙂 🙂 Ta Daa!
So, my rating for this line of lipsticks would be a 4/5. For this particular colour 2/5 (because it barely qualifies as a colour).
Hope you enjoyed reading this!
Lots of love, peace and happiness,

Product gone wrong – Lakme Lip Palette

After a disappointing stint with my last Lakme purchase(9 to 5 lipstick) years back, I was keeping away from the brand for a while.

Then we saw a huge change in the brand – new products, packaging etc etc and my trust was slowly coming back.

When I decided to start buying Lakme products again, I played safe by going for eye and face products – Lakme Satin Kajal, Lash Artist Mascara, Eye Quartet, Perfect radiance compact etc.

As the confidence built up, I decided on getting the famous lip palette after reading so many reviews and thinking of the compactness convenience and all that jazz.  This is when reality hit me on the head again.



I purchased this palette from a New U store after ensuring it was very much in the “fresh condition/period”. It lay idle in my vanity for almost 2 weeks and finally one day I thought of trying. And there i go swatching and trying on the shades in it. That evening, I used one of the shades when I went to the nearby store for maybe around an hour. All this while, I started experiencing some kind of irritation on my lips – not itching, but sort of a slightly burning sensation.

Now, my only thought was to get back home and remove the lippie. At home, I removed it using some cleansing milk and there was no problem. The real shocker came to me the next morning. As I looked into the mirror, I see lot of whitening on my lips..not spots, but crack like appearances. At first, I thought it was my extra dry lips playing up and applied some olive oil throughout the day. Then went on an exfoliating routine, thinking the dry skin on lips should go away…But to my utter dismay, the whitening remained and I was literally in tears.

 Everyday, I would watch my lips closely(praying to all powerful forces) and find no improvement at all. The thought that my lips could be scarred for life was even more frightening. Atlast, I decided on a self imposed ban on (on using…not on buying ;-)) lip stick/ gloss till the time I am cured.

All this while I used only olive oil, lipice lip balm and bio fruit lip balm( when a li’l bit of tint was needed). Exfoliated atleast thrice a week( **still continuing prayers to the Higher Forces**)

Finally after 2 whole months of no lipstick/ gloss( I did try Revlon CB and Bourjois in between just for a few minutes before I bought them), my lips are back in shape. The white marks have totally gone and there are no other irritations.

Was it my lips reacting to the product or was it a spoilt batch of products? I still wonder…But thankful at heart for being able to get rid of the problem.

And now, like a cat who fell into cauldron of hot water, I am far away from Lakme lip products…and I don’t think I would ever buy them or use them anymore.

Hope my lovely readers are doing good :-))

For me, its been a mixed bag. Work is going on good, but a family member met with a bad accident and it was a terrible phase for all of us. Thank god, he is better now and on his way back to recovery, though slowly.