Product gone wrong – Lakme Lip Palette

After a disappointing stint with my last Lakme purchase(9 to 5 lipstick) years back, I was keeping away from the brand for a while.

Then we saw a huge change in the brand – new products, packaging etc etc and my trust was slowly coming back.

When I decided to start buying Lakme products again, I played safe by going for eye and face products – Lakme Satin Kajal, Lash Artist Mascara, Eye Quartet, Perfect radiance compact etc.

As the confidence built up, I decided on getting the famous lip palette after reading so many reviews and thinking of the compactness convenience and all that jazz.  This is when reality hit me on the head again.



I purchased this palette from a New U store after ensuring it was very much in the “fresh condition/period”. It lay idle in my vanity for almost 2 weeks and finally one day I thought of trying. And there i go swatching and trying on the shades in it. That evening, I used one of the shades when I went to the nearby store for maybe around an hour. All this while, I started experiencing some kind of irritation on my lips – not itching, but sort of a slightly burning sensation.

Now, my only thought was to get back home and remove the lippie. At home, I removed it using some cleansing milk and there was no problem. The real shocker came to me the next morning. As I looked into the mirror, I see lot of whitening on my lips..not spots, but crack like appearances. At first, I thought it was my extra dry lips playing up and applied some olive oil throughout the day. Then went on an exfoliating routine, thinking the dry skin on lips should go away…But to my utter dismay, the whitening remained and I was literally in tears.

 Everyday, I would watch my lips closely(praying to all powerful forces) and find no improvement at all. The thought that my lips could be scarred for life was even more frightening. Atlast, I decided on a self imposed ban on (on using…not on buying ;-)) lip stick/ gloss till the time I am cured.

All this while I used only olive oil, lipice lip balm and bio fruit lip balm( when a li’l bit of tint was needed). Exfoliated atleast thrice a week( **still continuing prayers to the Higher Forces**)

Finally after 2 whole months of no lipstick/ gloss( I did try Revlon CB and Bourjois in between just for a few minutes before I bought them), my lips are back in shape. The white marks have totally gone and there are no other irritations.

Was it my lips reacting to the product or was it a spoilt batch of products? I still wonder…But thankful at heart for being able to get rid of the problem.

And now, like a cat who fell into cauldron of hot water, I am far away from Lakme lip products…and I don’t think I would ever buy them or use them anymore.

Hope my lovely readers are doing good :-))

For me, its been a mixed bag. Work is going on good, but a family member met with a bad accident and it was a terrible phase for all of us. Thank god, he is better now and on his way back to recovery, though slowly.


It is all about MAC

No….I am not talking about the cosmetic company. It is all about MAC from APPLE Inc. Yes our very own MACbook.

Years back, when hubby and me decided to buy individual laptops, I was all for Sony Vaio which was the latest launch and feature rich etc. As we reached the store, hubby casually said “You have decided on Sony right? I am getting a MACbook”. I was too busy dreaming of the brightly coloured laptop skin and the motion camera and all of the Vaio. Then we were at the store getting a demo of the MACbook bought by hubby and suddenly I find myself concentrating more on that plain black, matte finish thingie than my colourful pretty lady. The Apple staff continued his demo and installations and stuff. He was also explaining the features, the applications, the user friendliness. For the first time in my life, technology talk didn’t feel like a pain at all for me. I don’t know what magic happened, but I never bothered about my Sony Vaio anymore. All I wanted was that black beauty. From the corner of my eyes, I could see a smile on hubby’s face. Yes…I was a convert.  We returned home with not one, but two MAC books that day.
And then there was no looking back……..Then there was the Ipod, the I phone etc etc.  Launch of the Ipad was eagerly awaited and celebrated as though we were having a new baby in the family. And we were already a part of the APPLE family 🙂
After a few years of usage, I was getting more curious about the brand and that shifted my focus from the creation to the creator. Yes, here I am talking about the man – Steve Jobs. Who made technology sound like soothing music to millions. I read up a lot about him, the ideas, his vision, his conviction and lots and lots. INSPIRED would be an understatement. If ever you get time, watch his speeches and talks on Youtube and you will know what I mean.
Today morning, as I heard the news of his passing away, the heart felt heavy. It was as if someone close to the heart is no more in this world.  The legend has passed. But then, a great soul like him will never fade from the hearts of million s.
Every morning I login to my MACbook or everytime I play music on my Ipod, Steve Jobs lives. As we continue to be indebted to that man who made technology easy for all of us.
STEVE JOBS….May his soul Rest in Peace.

Blog Love – Its all about sharing

Its been almost 2 years since I have been writing Glitter Glamour Grace.

I do not claim to be a regular or pro blogger…but definitely love to write. Back in 2009, when I started discovering Indian beauty blogs, there were actually just a few of them. I got hooked to those and then came the inspiration to start writing Glitter Glamour Grace. There have been many new bloggers added to the circle since then and some have also stopped writing altogether for many reasons.

Cut to 2011, I really wanted to do a post on some of the beauty blogs(Indian) I love reading and have been planning to do so for the past few days. Again, there was a writers block…you know, not getting the right beginning yada yada. Today morning, while in the shower, I was thinking of the same post and suddenly thoughts/lines were pouring in my mind..Now don’t ya tease me about it…I often get the brightest ideas in the shower 🙂

Ok…so lets get to business..

One of the first ever blogs I started reading was Addicted To Blush by Tanveer. Before that I never knew a beauty blog could be so scientifically inclined..Explaining many technical aspects without sounding boring. As Tanveer went about trying and testing products, explaining in her own sweet(scientist like;-)) way about different ingredients, finding colour cosmetics that matched her uniquely coloured eyes, I stalked her blog and found amusement in reading her posts. We have had our ups and downs, but she is one lovely lady and remains my very good friend till date. If you ever feel like getting the no crap, cut to size reviews on Indian brands, do check out her blog.

When it comes to blogs I stalk…I can’t help but mention Indian Vanity Case by Cynthia Zacharica. It would be an understatement if I say that she and her blog belong to “The Cutest” category. I have been reading her blog for the past 2 years and not a bit ashamed to say that I have read it through and through almost more than 4 times 😛 . Cynthia has an amazing talent of finding anything and everything that is “cute n girly”, especially cosmetics, accessories, bags and clothes. If you are a person who loves anything girly and cute, then head over to IVC…It is like entering candy land.

She has proven that a woman’s beauty is not just all about skin care, makeup and clothes. A beautiful woman is the one who is also a wise home maker. Hop over to Wise She by Anamika. You will find tips and tricks, recipes, How to’s and also product reviews. Over and above, she is an extremely friendly girl and always helpful.

What is beauty blogging without MAC. Yes…perhaps the one brand that has been revered and adored world over by makeup enthusiasts. Want to read an Indian woman’s honest take on the subject?? Then head over to Indyabeauty. Rashmi, who writes the blog, is nick named in our group of bloggers as “MAC Guru” and I just term her love for the brand as MACness. She is a lady with taste and  is awesome with makeup skills. Do visit her for all high end brands like MAC, MUFE, Benefit,Urban Decay. Isn’t it super useful for all of us to get a head on opinion about foreign brands from an Indian point of view.

Not all Indian beauty bloggers live in India..Meet Shivani of Adorable On Your Vanity – A sweet Indian blogger who lives and blogs from Canada. More than through blogs, Shivani and me talk through twitter and occassional emails. She is a hard core yoga enthusiast/practitioner and loves MAC and Lush products. Thanks to her awesome posts,now I have become a Lush fan and got my hubby hooked too 😉 While there, you may sometimes meet her little puppy- Milly who is equally adorable and cuddly.

Beauty blogging is not always about human beings…Yes, you heard it right. There are pets who love to check out make up and cosmetics..Don’t believe what I say? Then check out Makeup Monologs. Ikya alias Ikkoo is a young and pretty architect, who is the one behind the blog…Errmm…sorry. Ikya and her canine brother Zorro manage to write the blog. And quite often, when Z is in the mood, he may honour you with a pic of his in the posts. Once I discovered Ikya’s blog, Arjun got his companion( in his love for makeup) in Z. Yeah…A loves makeup and perfumes and keeps sniffing my dresser area and vanity case as often as possible.

Like to read your reviews with a pinch or sometimes a heap of wit and humour, then Peaches and Blush is the place for you. Mehak is a young professional from Delhi(well according to her, her work profile is quite complicated to explain and so I do not dare to attempt) who is enthusiastic about makeup and fashion and is ever ready to entertain her readers with all the inside scoops of the Indian beauty industry.

Last, but never ever the least…when Indian blogs are mentioned, I cannot ignore our blog buddies in Pakistan…After all we were all one big country in the past. And when we mention Pakistani blogs, the first and foremost person who comes to mind is Sarah @ Glossicious. I am very happy and proud to say that Sarah was the first ever person in the blogosphere who extended her hand of friendship to me and remains close to my heart. Even today, at any given point of time( be it past midnight or wee morning hours), a sleepless me tweets something….trust Sarah to reply in a matter of minutes. I just love talking to her and I am sure you will too.

Of course, there are lots and lots of Indian blogs I read other than these…And each of you are worth a mention and applause for taking the Indian Beauty Blogging scene so high…well minus certain issues here and there. This is a shout out to all of you girls out there…..And then I just couldn’t help sharing this pic I found.