Hair Accessories & Quart Eye Shadows from FACES Canada

TAIL COMB  : Perfect for placing, lifting and sectioning hair. Helps easily distribute hair over a roller. Creates drama by adding volume with back combing action.

 The wide-spaced teeth helps detangle curls and snarls with ease. Features rounded ball tips that are extra gentle on the scalp. – Evenly distributes conditioner through wet hair. Ideal for permed or curly hair.

MRP 69

SLIM CUSHION BRUSH : Smooth, round-ended bristles penetrate hair safely for gentle styling. Anti-static rubber pad gives maximum grip and control. Stlying brush for on-the-go grooming.

MRP 159

VENTED BRUSH  : Tunnel vent feature  accelerates blow-drying by allowing warm air to circulate directly at root level. Ball tips help protect scalp and hair follicles. For use when straightening and styling

MRP 169

 Nylon ball-tipped, non-snarl, tangle-free bristles provide excellent grip for styling. Adds body and curl to all hair lengths and types.

MRP 179

PADDLE BRUSH : Perfect for gently grooming long, thick hair.  Ball-ended nylon pins are set into an air-cushioned natural rubber pad to penetrate, smooth and straighten the hair. Each brush has ball-tipped bristles for enhanced comfort.

MRP 269


It is a highly-pigmented powder and blends well. FACES Eye shadow is available in quart in Colours and textures to shape and define the eye in the right shade. Proper use  pigment, can let your eyes look more beautiful and more bigger that make your face look more harmonious and vivid.

MRP 499/Quart


New Products at The Body Shop – Wild Rose Handcare and Strawberry Perfume

Haven’t we all loved and cherished the Strawberry range from The Body Shop? Atleast I used to love it…and still do. Have used up umpteen number of tubes of the Strawberry Body Polish. Do you wish to have the fragrance linger on a little more than what the body polish does?

The good news is they have launched a Eau De Toilette for the same..Yay!!!

I was at the store to check out the Extra Virgin Mineral Foundation range and came across these beauties.

Price – INR 1095/-

And if you want to extend the Strawberry experience, they also have a gift pack option available:

Price – INR 3795/-


Wild Rose Hand Cream

Price – INR 725/- for 100ml and INR 415/- for 30ml

Wild Rose Caring handwash

Price – INR 515/-

The floral pink packaging of the hand cream reminded me of the L’occitane ones. The first hand impression of the fragrance isn’t great. But then I had sniffed around so many things..So, may be I need to check out again with a fresh nose 😛
Have you checked out any of these yet? Looks like they are coming up with good offers around Christmas. So…Stay Tuned!

New Launch – Ellis Clips

After having created the award-winning ELLIS HOLDER, Ellis has taken a new step in solving makeup portability: the ELLIS CLIPS. The ELLIS CLIPS can connect any amount of our signature pens – from two to as many as you like.

The concept is brilliant in its simplicity: just connect the clips to each other and slide in the pens.

You can take out the pen you want to use without disconnecting the chain. And it’s even possible to roll up the chain!

Priced at 2 GBP/ 2 USD/ 2 Euro, these are available online now.

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New Launch – Iraya Bath Retreat

Iraya brings to you the formulation that is so natural that it will pamper your beloved skin not only today but also give a long term good effect refresh and rejuvenate you.

This is just not a combination of few most gentle  ingredients found in nature but also floral extracts that gently cleanses, nourishes the skin.
What it claims?
Stress relieving bath oil – wheat germ & eucalyptus is blend of natural oils that transforms into luxuriant layer on contact with water. This unique formulation is packed with natural moisturizers & skin soothers to ensure an absolute treat in the water. It will make a pampering bath ritual with blends of wheat germ & eucalyptus. It softens & nourishes the skin & rejuvenates dull dry cells eliminating dryness. An ideal product after a long tiring day relieves stress & encourages restful sleep.
Quantity: 150ml
Price: Rs.495/-
Iraya products are available at:

Iraya Store, G29, 30 Ground Flr, G7 Mall, Seven Bunglow, J.P.Road, Versova, Mumbai-400053
Contact No.: 022-26326837, 022-65732377
Iraya Store:DLF Promenade, 301A, Level-II,Vasant Kunj Mall, Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-70
Contact No.:011-41026653
You may also visit their website

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So what is the mystery all about?

Few weeks back, I received an email invite for trying some hair care products. The brand name was not revealed in the mail and it was named as “Mystery Shampoo”. This made me quite curious and I went ahead to check out their website. There was a form to be filled in, after which the company would contact us and send across the product. I filled the form almost till the end, but there was some technical problem with updating the address. Thus I could not proceed further. It was a disappointment, but then I was quite busy with work and did not bother to try again.

However, the product was revealed to consumers and public a few days later. I guess many of you are already aware of this product range by now.

Yes, it is none other than Pantene- now supposedly revamped and re formulated to suit different purposes. Lets take a look at what it is all about.

What it is all about?

150 million in over 40 countries have tried it, a product that got right into the root of the toughest hair problems – hair loss, split ends, unruly tangles. See a visible difference. Get out of your hair rut within 14 days with the All New Pantene range.


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